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Part 23: A Glum Situation

With our gear packed, and a clear goal ahead of us, We were both In high spirit. We both despised the Legion, and saw fit toweaken them however possible. House seemed the perfect leader to rule the new
world, with his vast wealth and supplies. Helping him out would ensure that he
could keep Vegas prosperous, and expand outwards to reclaim and repair
Freeside, and even further out. We stepped down the glowing neon steps of the Lucky 38, but things soon became dark, and our situations both looked grim.

In the dark, piercing city, with only the street lamps providing a source of visibility, an armada of what looked like an army descended upon us. Infront of us we saw a gang of the Top’s casinos guards,
brandishing their impressive, although frighteningly powerful weapons for us to
gaze upon. It seemed as if my luck had run out, and karma had come to force his
streak of pain and agony upon us.

Stepping out from the middle of the group was a Top’s chairman. He was a disgustingly obese and ugly man, almost painful to look at.. He had custom made clothing, tailored just for his size, with his belt barely taking the strain of his truck-like muscles. He was already panting by the time he reached us.

“Nobody escapes the Tops.” He said, and struggled into his pocket for an asthma inhaler. I could tell this guy never made public appearances, and only handled the business side of things. “You two are coming with us…we’ll make you pay.”

The men approached us with their weapons out, and began to move us toward the Tops at gunpoint. Arcane turned to me with a look of discomfort across his face; it was clear he was as scared as me that
this was the end of us. Suddenly, from behind us. A mysterious voice called
out. “I suggest you drop your weapons immediately, unless you’ve always wished
to be burned with high calibre lasers.”

Turning around to get a look at what the noise was, I breathed a sigh of relief and ease. House’s Robot army had swept in behind us, and their weapons were set to fire. They easily outnumbered the
Top’s guards.

The chairman’s face turned pale and white in a flash. He lost his breath, and his chest was pounding with fear. He motioned backwards, and walked away, looking like a blunder. Without even noticing, the
once powerful and threatening looking guards about to pound us with lead, had
disappeared. I turned around, and one of the Strip bots zoomed towards me on
his monowheel.

“Well, It appears we may have a problem.” Came House’s voice. He appeared to be able to talk through any of them.

“Let me just say thank you for saving my ass.” I said cheerfully, but turned to fear again “But they want to kill me now. I can barely step foot inside the strip without having a personal army against
me.” Informing him of the likelihood that now my life was threatened.

“Indeed. I suspected something like this would occur. Whenever you enter Vegas, I will personally send my Robots in to protect you. And I’ll make sure nobody follows you to kill you out of sight.” He said
to make my worries vanish.

“Alright, if you’re sure you can.” I offhandedly said.

“Of course I can.” He snapped at me. “The only reason that they even exist here is due to my approval. I can force them to do whatever I want, and they know that I am far more well-armed and wealthy then
them.” Reminding me of his power and authority here in the strip.

The robot that he was in control of returned to its usual spot on the strip, and the others followed suit. The entirety of the strip’s inhabitants looked upon the pair of us. Whether in fear of having
the support of Mr. House, or of shock at the fact we were almost murdered, I am
unsure. With a feeling of unease in our chests, we didn’t feel to safe on the
strip, and we quickly departed to go and complete House’s wish. We knew now we
needed to stay on good terms with him, as his wealth and power would come in
extremely helpful.

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