My name is Joseph and i like anything which needs creativity. I like to learn something new and i want make games draw pictures and do something for make goods. I am fairly amateur game develpoer at moment but i look how can improve myself.

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Hi guys! I am again and i just want to know which program language easy to learn and use and which possible to make good games by using it?
I have few idea which language we want use with team but we are mainly just designers or thinkerers and we haven't still any programmer in this team. I want to improve myself with in this theme coz i want to know something about all part but i don't know how long to learn any prog language.

See you all.


animastudio50 Blog

I have few idea for my first game models but i need peoples who can help with it a little and help at programming the models. I created few simple unit model but they are just now simply a meshes without riggs and animate. Which is the better if i make this models in blender with python or i make them with blender and use other to make the game engine?
I want make now a simple rpg game with medium scale of units and i thought you guys and lads can help me with your aims and advices. I am very beginner in this theme and i should learn more about it but i want make something good as possible. :)

Btw the models later will be uploaded here when i finished with basics.

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animastudio50 Blog

Ideas and imagines would be useful if you know how to use them. As a kid i dreamed i will make many games and i will be artist and makes nice pictures and draws. As older now i think it will be posibble if i can earn enough mood for the basic steps to improve. I have so many nice idea and i know other peoples have nice ideas here but i hope someday i can be real developer but i need study and study. Without tools you can't do something but if you have knowledge then you can make your tools. I decided this long times ago but the techniques now able to begin the learning and making projects and hope I will find peoples who want the same. Now i am a co funder of a game studio but we stucked into the time and we need to keep our will beacuse we have only chance if we can make a real team. I decided to find peoples for projects and make my own team as soon as possible. I need time to learn and before i used a program enough to know i doesn't want make any hard project coz i want the best. I need mainly learn programming coz that is my weakness.
I hope i can find peoples who can teach me enough to begin in my own way.
I hope you dont bored this.


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