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I want to discuss the word “khar”, that is the part of notable names for kushani/hiigarian history. It would be interesting to understand what does it mean. There are two believed meanings of it: the “first” and the “ship”. Both seems to be right, but let's check the usage.


1. Kharak - Planet habited by the Exiles
a) Guys translated it like "the First Planet" that was possible to habit; or we can transform the word 'first' to the 'the unit', 'the one': like, the planet that we chose. Like the article 'the', but with much more weight: THAT (The Very One) Planet.
b) "Ship" meaning should not be taken so straight: it could mean something like "place"; but even without it, the planet is a quite big ship - for those who had seen only their prison ship for generations, "ship" could have more sacred meaning then we do;
Actually, there is a city Al-Karak, and its name once had the meaning 'Fortress'.
And there are few more ancient city names with Kar/Khar in it. Like Khar-Nak - Egyptian city near the Tanis.

2. Khar-Selim - Explorer ship;
a) First explorer, or the Pioneer, the first to discover something. But does it mean that 'Khar-Selim' can be applied to all pioneers? Or ''The Lonely Wanderer'? Or like in the previous case 'THAT (The Very One) Explorer', as it was very special ship.
b) Ship-explorer, very simple. But what if the 'Selim' is some name, name of some wanderer and the great explorer, like it was in the case of taiidani salvette codename - 'Tiirshak', the scientist and explorer of Kharak?..

3. Khar-Toba - City on the ship ruins;
a) Something like "The First City" or 'THAT (The Very One) City';
b) Ship-city; ship-landing or else. Some are taking this name with guide stone - the reflection to the Kaaba in Mekka (Mekka's "brother" is Sajuu-ka, IMHO), the black stone. This is quite correlating, especially if we know that "kara/khara" in turks language is "black" (even here we can play with 'black/danger/sadness/void/universe' meanings, imaging the whole story behind 'khar' evolution through the physical, association, social and religious applications).

4. Kharam - ship wreckages on some mp map;
a) First-am :). Well, we should know more about this ship and it's purpose. Mb, it's the first, but... we don't know. Or it could mean 'The One' ship, the lonely ship. Or else.
b) Ship-am :). Well, '-am' suffix meaning could be - 'what's left of', 'abandoned', 'ruined', 'contaminated' and, of course, 'forbidden', as the actual meaning of the Arabic term 'Haram'.

5. Sajuuk-khar - "The Chosen One"
a) The first after Sajuuk? Like, 'Who's that guy? - 'THAT (The Very One) with the Sajuuk'
b) The placeholder of the Sajuuk, the “sajuukshipped”; the one who's is lead by Sajuuk, the Great Captain Who's Hand Lead Whatever It is :). So, the ship of the Sajuuk could be named nearly the same but in the reverse order - Khar-Sajuuk, and that's something that correlates with the 'Khar-Selim'.


Well, personally I like "ship" version - it's more like translating from other language, where you have to take two or more words and to think what is the logic in their connection to understand the final sense of the phrase. The words themselves have their history, usage habits and cultural background.

For example, there is a famous word, heavily reminding the Homeworld's 'Sajuuk':

The word Yahweh is a modern scholarly convention for the Hebrew יהוה, transcribed into Roman letters as YHWH and known as the Tetragrammaton, for which the actual pronunciation is disputed. The most likely meaning of the name may be “He Brings Into Existence Whatever Exists", but there are many theories and none is regarded as conclusive.

In case of 'Khar' there might be similar approach, though after 'Cataclysm' almost straight links to the Earth names and "HW:DoK" simplifications, I doubt that there was and will be a smart and sophisticated approach to the language question in HW universe. But, maybe, after 'Game of Thrones'/'Star Trek' artificial languages inventions, something will change to make universes more believable.

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