I am an independent game developer creating games since 2011. I have created many games till today.

Here is the list of games which I have created:
1.Fear Half Factor(Latest)
2.Shoot Them
4.Save Yourself
5.First War 2 - The Treasureland

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Hi everyone,

I am Anamik, an Indie Game Developer of Amaxang Games and I am hereby notifying everyone of you that my New Game Bundle with 8 of my games is now Live on itchio which is available for $6 only for a limited time and the offer will end in a few more days!

Please buy the bundle on itchio here:


You are getting 8 games including two of my Best Games For $6 only!

What will you get in the Bundle:
The name of the games are mentioned below:

1. NightmareZ
2. Gaze At Maze
3. Fear Half Factor
4. Ways
5. Save Yourself
6 Shoot Them
7. Boon Boon
8. Captain The Runner.

F.A.Q.s Regarding this offer:

Why are you giving away 8 Games for $6?

I need some support in making new games. I love to make games and I would like to keep up with the game development. If some of you can buy and enjoy the games for more than 15 hours playing these games for $6. You can even pay more to support me(if I deserve this). I will soon release some new indie games which is currently in development.

Can I support you by paying more?

Yes, Sure you can! You can support me by paying any amount above $6. Any support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading the post. You can provide any feedback you want. I will be happy to get some players for my games.

Best Regards,


(Amaxang Games)

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AMAXANG GAMES is the group which is founded by me,Anamik Majumdar, an Indie Game Developer of India. I am the founder of this group and the developer...

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