I like making video games. Anything to do with 'behind the scenes' stuff is awesome to me. Much has happened the past two years and every day I keep coming to the same conclusion, games are fun, making someones day is just frankly awesome. There have been a couple of mods I have been thinking off but now I have come to a conclusion, check back often for updates!

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A busy time with lots of it free...whatever that means...

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(Sorry if this is abit offensive or disgusting, I'm tired, it's late at nigh and I just slipped in some dog crap.)
As I said last time, I be posting some updates on the mod and the news in general from time to time. If you guys want to comment something just go ahead and say it, if you want to say "wow this guys a pimp" go Ahead! If you want to say "jeez hes an ass!" Go right on ahead! Besides I couldn't care less anyhow, unless you think i'm cool or want to join the modding team or have my babies, you know, whatever.
In terms of the Eva mod, it will be hence-forth known as A Fan's Work and will feature an updated physics engine and up-to-date graphics and animation. Right now the game bible is being written and for those of you who don't know what a game bible is, let me paint a picture. A game bible is this angel/demon that without it somehow, your game becomes ungodly and intolerably BAD. (I.E. LIKE God of War stamp, ect.) Though with it your mod stays on track because everyone fears the deadlines that are posted.
At this point in time the team consists of three people, those people are me (TheAltonboy, the lead modeler/ writer at this point.), BiOzZ (The Lead tester at this point.), and Mahir256 (The Programmer.) All of us are extremely talented in our fields and are working day and night on this mod. Basically, how this aristocracy works is the modeler(s) (ME) creates and sends the gray meshes to the tester(s) (BiOzZ) who checks it for graphical errors, if it's all good, then the mesh(es) end up with the texture artist(s) (..? No-one!) who texture it and skin it and make it look all pretty. From there it goes down a pretty long road until its alpha phase, where it waits for the other models to come into their alpha phase so testing can begin. We have been doing some timing and it looks like we will have four models done by the mid-point of September this year, no promises, but go ahead and keep your hopes up.
Just so you guys know i'll be updating this blog every so often so check back in as often as possible so you don't miss anything!

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Altonboy Blog

Recently there have been several sequels announced for release in the next two years. I always find it odd how the second installment looks so different form the first. In any case, I have decided I will pick up these new installments and see what makes a game good.
Is it graphics? Is it gameplay? Is it the story? Being a newbie has its ups and downs, sure everyone is willing to make friends, but it wasn't five minutes ago someone told me I should take down my mod notice to save myself embarrassment, because "All too often moders, usually teenagers, get an idea, and post up a page about it without having any experience and wanting everybody to fill in a spot besides 'Mannager'". I don't blame him, really. I have seen it happen, I have don it before, get an idea in my head, but then not want to do it. But the only reason I stop is either my crappy tools or because I never have any time to work. Now that I have tools that don't decide when they do and don't want to work, and I have ample time to work, EVERYBODY is doing something else or just doesn't care, it's really starting to TICK ME OFF!!!
Oh well, whats the use in babbling about something you can't change right? Well for those of you who want me to prove that I have good technology, or those who just want to work on an Evangelion mod, go to: Developer.valvesoftware.com : This is the Modding notice for it, There isn't much there, but I'm proud of it, even if it is just a bunch of words for now.
Enough of me being an old lady, How about those sequels hrm? Portal 2, looks like they did a good job with that! I'm actually interested in the repulsion/propulsion gels and wheatley, I'd like to see who that works together. Whats more, did you guys hear about Prototype 2? It's coming 2012 with a developer interview in April this year! (When Portal 2 is supposedly coming out.) But the must anticipated for me, would HAVE to be InFAMOUS 2, With the new karma and melee and completley destroyable world I can't wait to play in.
Well, untill next time!

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