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Alexlightning7 @ Main Menu Version 242358

I love this one. The color scheme and background just go together much better, and the picture buttons like I mentioned, its amazing.

I guess all I would say is actually having a title would be cool, but optional, and honestly I wouldn't know if adding a title would improve it or make it worse.

If I go further down than that it just becomes way too nitpicky. Its great, and way better than the last one.
This one to me gives off a sorta Halo reach feel, I think mostly due to the background.

This doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy seeing different variations of a title screen, but this is probably my favorite so far.

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Alexlightning7 @ Main Menu Version 242357

I was typing up a whole sorta critique of my opinion on it, but so much is just subjective or not really a huge issue. I decided to shorten it to just the size of some things, especially the Title and buttons.

I understand it needs to be compatible with a whole range of computer screens and resolutions, but it seems like there's a lot of wasted space.

Personally I think the title should be bigger or more pronounced. I don't know how to do this, but I think the purple with the blue in the background(even with those sick shadows) combined with the text just doesn't have enough visual flair.

The other major thing I would love to see if its possible is making the pictures themselves the button(maybe its already like this) where you would just click the picture and not have to click the actual Word button underneath it. So the word and picture would be sorta combined as 1 button. That would be what I would hope for, just because that would be my immediate instinct when clicking on stuff. that's a UI thing more than an Art thing.
Like I said I have no idea how it actually works. That's just a concern I would have.

Aside from that..... Well, the slight distortion of the pictures(it looks like that to others right?) is a little distracting. don't know why, that's just bugging me. its very minor though. I assume it was just done to fit it in the aspect ratio of those pictures better.

I love the mod and all the work your doing. its incredible.

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Alexlightning7 @ Covenant Refinery [Concept]

Until I started reading the comments, I thought this was an in game screenshot. nice.

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Alexlightning7 @ War of The Servers

Is this based off the (very well done) War of the servers fan film?

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Alexlightning7 @ Crysis Reloaded

I have to agree, this is alittle to de-saturated.

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Alexlightning7 @ Sci-Fi at War

look at my botom posts from botom to top, sorry.

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Alexlightning7 @ Sci-Fi at War

Starship troopers-- like you said

Wing Comander-- also like you said

Babylon 5-- honestly, no clue

i dont know if you can do anything like the plasma and shield thing, but it would be pretty cool. and while im asking so many questoins , maybe make a cusom gametype with no fighters. just an idea. also i have a serius modding question, i cannot figure out how to raise or lower shield strength. any help with that would be apriciated. great mod and good luck.

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Alexlightning7 @ Sci-Fi at War

Startrek-- Startrek has medium shelds and medium hulls with medium to slow recharge. they have stonge weapons but not very many of them. not much else to say for this one. My promblem with startrek is almost no fighters.

Halo-- Finally, ive been waiting for this one. ok halo is also all over the place. ill split this up. UNSC-- no shields period, only main fighter is the longsword which is confusing because its a great fighter and bomber, so 2 styles. if you have a saber, its like a a wing with better dogfighting skills. all midsized ships have no shields and very weak hulls, but have alot of small guns. large ships hava medium armor and better weopons, these can finally take on the other faction. phenix is huge, mulltiple mac guns and and large cannons, with a huge fighter compliment, this is a force to be reakoned with. all UNSC guns other than MACs are weak. Covenant--sarefs(i know i spelled it wrong) are great fighters with miudium shields with no recarge. now the big ships. i know you added alot of varients, but ill just state the main 2. First off, all covenant ships are vunerable to plasma. battlecruisers have very strong shields that take many mac rounds and nukes to take down. however, star wars weopons are not lasers, they are short burst of plasma, hence, star wars will have it easyer. i dont know for sure if other factions like the waith use plasma, but if so they'll have it easyer. they have very power full guns that can destroy most UNSC ships in one hit( thats true for UNSC frigates). the super carrier has mush stonger shields that even star wars will have trouble with, but much less gun coverage. but they also are called carriers for a reason.

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Alexlightning7 @ Sci-Fi at War

ok, this is my first post here but ive been following this for years, i dont know where to put this but awile back you needed people who new all the factions and there strengths so here i am.

Star Wars-- ill quote a book first"mon cal shields were legendary, almost invincible"-star wars balance point. that being said, mon cal shields are very strong but impierial shields are not as strong but still enough to take a pounding. all star wars ships have weak hulls though so after the shields drop there vunerable.(this is something that bothers me about this game, not that cannon)shields have slow recharge on larger ships but much faster on fighters and small ships. And last, imperial star destroyers have huge amounts of guns, even anti fighter weapons, mon cals have much less coverage and fewer guns. most mid sized ships are around the same strength. star wars has strong weopons but bad aim.

Battlestar Galactica-- this one you nailed, good job spino

Stargate--this one you were close, stargate is frustrating, there shield strength is all over the place, but the majority is medium with slow recharge. stargate has strong hulls and lots of guns, but most are weak. they also have fighters with good armor.

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