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AWP (A Week in Paradise)

Mod review

It improves everything from the original game.

Specially adding TONS of new weapons, but also including new items, features (like arcade in-game play), and even nice cheats to have some fun with!

No wonder why RWS made it an official upgrade. Highly recommended.


Autumn Aurora 2

Mod review

Autumn Aurora: Perhaps one of the few mods which reflect its name into the actual work.

The atmosphere is brilliant and powerful. As happened with Misery, this mod doesn't change the original environment, but rather enhance it and adapt it into the mod's own style. This was achieved through many graphic work, such as retexturing, remodelling and with many modified or new shaders (Notably with ENB addon).

Mechanics reworks are also welcome. They give the right touch of difficulty and flexibility into the game. Notably, the use of detectors (And the different capabilities between them).

New models for suits gives the player the sensation of being in some other place. But once you check the scenery, you actually know you are in the Zone.

Return of old monsters, reworked hud, many new effects for sympthoms such as radiation and psy-fields, new gear, new items, new ambient music, new guitar and radio songs...

Some things can be improved, however. Sometimes you'll find a lone bandit or dog which can take up to 6 5.45x.39 bullets without dying, or some zombified stalker which has the accuracy of a sniper. Some grenade ranges are kind of ridiculous. Also, melee attacks have a unjustified range, where the mutant can inflict damage even when they're in a distance of about 1 meter. Also, enemies can frequently see you in the dark.
I found a kind of a bug in X16, where if you save your game in the main emissor complex, monster will never stop respawning.

But I find that there are more of good things about AA than backwards. The ultimate way to know if this mod is for you is testing it. I recommend it.

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