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Reading the comments on that page was only a good 30 minute waste of my life. Having 25% of the comments buried and bias American nationalism it got beyond out of hand, and really should have been locked before it got this far.

Why would anyone make a big deal out of the Airforce supporting the MOTY awards? It isn't just looking for recruits, they are supporting the awards for hard working computer game technicians who are making the games, animations, and computing technology of tomorrow.

I personally dislike the US as much as the next Canadian but I understand how they relate to the rest of the world and I respect them as people. How Politicians run the country has nothing to do with me personally although their dicisions can effect the way we live the rest of our lives. I only really dislike the biasm of "The United States AND the rest of the world" that I've heard far too many times.

Seriously, grow up and look at the world around you WITHOUT the aid of your TV and internet.

For all you Canucks out there I leave you with a good 'ol high five, eh?




Very well made points here. I agree, Mod DB tends to be having alot of trolls or people who don't understand the slightest bit of constructive criticism. It angers me that alot of people just "-1" things without entire understanding. ****, the entire Karma system is quite ******* gay in my opinion, mainly because I see it used quite irrationally throughout many mod pages.

I thought alot of what you said on the "Editor's Best Upcoming" thread was pretty smart compared to most **** I read on these boards, so props to you sir.

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AlCool Author

Yeah thx for the support of good opinions being heard and not forgotten.

A few spammers had well to do as well because even perfectly legit comments referring to nothing got spammed to -3 or less. If someone has no life and scans for an avatar and name to - karma from on 3 pages then they really need to just grow up, get a life away from the computer, and understand just a small amount of respect. I don't state opinions just so someone can browse over it, read how much karma it has, then add to it depending if its already high or low. The karma system should really just be removed, so maybe devs can decide what opinions no one needs to see on moddb instead of the trolls.

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