I am a modder that has been around for awhile. I have modded Elite Force in the past, and have been modding Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition for awhile now. I am a Software Engineer that continues to explore modding as a creative outlet.

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Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I have been on here. A lot happened in 2019 that kept me from modding. I just got back to it this week.

First decision I made was to shelf the Clan Armstrong faction mod that I was planning to turn Clan Armstrong Tartan Wolf Companions Cuirass into. I might get back to it, but it is unlikely at this time.

Second I have decided to shift from working on Pneuma Manor to some of my other mods. I was at a point where the work involved was not feasible while my work schedule was hectic.

Third, I have released the Special Edition conversion of Clan Armstrong Tartan Wolf Companions Cuirass on PC/Xbox One. This platform is included in the places where I released the PC version.

Finally, I have started back on my Special Edition version of Skyrim Book Stores. There will be a PS4/Xbox One/PC release for this mod. Here is what I need to do before I can release this:

  • Add additional locations of stores in the game, including in Dragonborn and Dawnguard regions.
  • Create store signs for the Xbox One/PC release
  • Add a mechanic for Ruined/Destroyed books
  • Add a mechanic where you can deposit a book you have found, and the book will start showing up
  • Castle Volkihar will have a Book Store, and special handling will be required on the store owners based on the Dawnguard questline progress.
  • Add new books to the game, a lot of them available in the PS4 version.
  • Add a custom-voiced Book Store owner with possible quests.

Hope this keeps everyone in the loop, and sorry for anyone that was expecting Pneuma Manor soon.

-Arron Dominion

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