Freelance media designer, programmer and event / company image publicity consultant. Designed more than 1000 media that includes stickers, posters, banners, websites, event launching media, music videos (MV), radio advertisement, online advertisement design, powerpoint presentation, bulletin, comic books, online magazine, fashion designer label, customized gift, invitation cards, holiday and wish cards. Also a part time English Independent Radio DJ and International Online Radio & Podcast Producer.

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C&C: Generals Zero Hour

Game review

It's good mod however need to be cleaned up for a few bug fixes, adding challenge mode and improving the AI (Especially the Russian forces AI which usually stuck like a sitting duck). Improvement should be made to further enhance the unit camo, power and even the model texture itself. Amazing job but couldn't match to that C&C:Shockwave which released by the modders team earlier. Downloaded the mod, installed it and play. The most regretful thing I ever do on Sunday morning since I couldn't track the time and lost 12 hours of daylight. Thumbs up.


Rise of the Reds

Mod review

Tiberium Essence

Mod review

I must say, it is a biggest achievement by modders and even far more better than the original version of CNC3:TW. Packed with additional units, upgrades and research tiers.

Although there is a minor bugs such over splitted blood effect or heavy long walker trail on bridge, this mod is the best one that you can play and ever forget.

It is an exclusive play!

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