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Remember 2007? Yeah that was the old best year in gaming welcome to 2010 which is going to be the new best year in gaming. Here's why. We are getting some of the best and newest sequels to awesome games that came out in 2007 such as Bioshock, Mass Effect, Crysis, C&C3, Crackdown, Lost Planet, and many more. We are also getting a couple of reboots and new series like Alien vs. Predator, Alan Wake, Alpha Protocol, M.A.G., Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Bayonetta, and so on... but enough about that! Let's talk mods. We are finally getting BlackMesaSource this year which I am absolutely looking forward to because it's Half-life and it features alot of new aspects such as new voice actors, graphics, and the awesome classic Half-life game play. Raindrop, another mod for Half-life 2 also looks quite interesting. I can never have enough horror mods and Raindrop looks really good so I hope it released soon. GoldenEye Source is one of the best multiplayer mods out now and it seems with the beta 4 coming out we are getting even more weapons, characters, and maps. The release is not out yet but it's coming so be on the lookout for this awesome experience that does the n64 game justice in source. I'm also looking forward to Bad Company 2 and GT TV is supposed to show some campaign footage! I hope it keeps it's light-hearted humor and isn't too serious and convoluted like Call of Duty MW2.

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