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Well well well! what have we here? a cheeky year for gaming and a repeat of the mid 2000s! I'll explain this part in a bit. =) First and foremost I would like to apologize for doing these blogs around once or twice a year and dear reader please forgive my lack of imagination as I'm not where I used to be in my prime of around 7! boy those were the days! remember the nineties? The days where consoles ruled supreme, Steam was still a concept yet to be executed and we relied mostly on magazines for our gaming news! AHHHH! I'm making myself feel old! I'm only 21 suffice to say the legal drinking and gambling age but I do still feel like a child at heart! The adventurer in me says let's pretend to be pirates, cowboys, and astronauts! It gives me hope that there is still a chance of ambiguity in this bleak world where music and movies have been drowned in the depths of the Atlantic never to surface the same again... but with video games, it feels different! ever evolving and becoming stronger, more intense, and unique every year thanks to the imaginations of millions. :D

My dear ladies and mentlegen, I have been ever so busy with school and life (a girlfriend who is amazing might I add! :D) I have rarely been playing many games the past couple months! Oh sure I received an iPad 2 last Christmas (thanks family! :3) So I have been playing some Angry Birds: Space here and a little Mass Effect infiltrator there but nothing absolutely captivating such as a PC or console game. But I hope to change that by playing a couple of console/PC games coming out this year! What might I be looking forward to you ask? Well lass, let me tell you! ;)

Mostly I'm really looking forward to the release of Bioshock: Infinite! Yes Irrational Games is finally at it again! this time not to the depths of the sea but to the elevated heights of the sky! In a time of industrialism and patriotism. This game looks absolutely brilliant! and I am not just saying that as an American (har har) I mean in the sense of the universe! it just seems so... lively and yet a bit frightening (in the psychological sense not in the boo! I'm a monster F.E.A.R. way).

Another amazing looking game that I'm really itching to get my hands on is Borderlands 2!
Sure it may look just like Borderlands but sometimes it good to follow the original formula and improve on it (or lessen depending on your stance of "WUBWUB") ;) But we can all agree that more guns, bigger baddies, and new abilities will more then make up for some aspects people may call faults.

As for the intro to this blog being a cheeky year for gaming? well that was juALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

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