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Rap time...

a13xoloid Blog

Oh, sama, oh, masa, whatever it is, you suck!

Osama loves Olympics

Osama loves soccer.

Soccer, soccer...

Soccer, soccer!.

Ole, ole, ole, ole...

$ucker, $ucker...

$ucker, $ucker!

Olo, olo, olo, olo...

The name of the gay-m(O$ama$$acre!!!)

The name of the gay-m(O$ama$$acre!!!)

The name of the gay-m(O$ama$$acre!!!)

Poem time...

a13xoloid Blog

Oh, sama, oh masa, whatever it is, you suck!

M$ Windows is like O$amalware.

O$amalware is like M$ Windows.

Osamalicious Osamaunction Overload

Osamalicious Osamaunction Overload

That's the way to go.

Artificial Elements in Solar System

a13xoloid Blog

This is just my imagination.

So did Earth happen to be supposed to be an habitable planet?

Maybe, no.

1st of all , creation of the sea is artificial.

The water was delivered from Moon.

Both Earth and Moon were not rotating around current trajectories.

They were originally brothers of satellites of Jupiter or Saturn.

In other words even if current Earth went dead, another appropriate sphere could be transported from Jupiter or Saturn by aliens' billiards.

Inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, were all results of billiards.

Monkey to Human is not an evolution, but an manipulation.

Glypho of Pain (Pain of Glypho)

a13xoloid Blog

Glypho of Pain...

This is not a parody of a QL map name "Theater of Pain"

This is an actual pain I've suffered these days due to epic Osamaction or more strictly spread of infamous Roundup variants by Osama dogs in Japan.

Now I have inflamed eyes, paralyzed arms/legs, troll face and no productivity.

Most ordinary folks, I mean, supposed victims or sacrifices should have this sort of pain, more or less.

Anyway it's a season of "Rounding Up" or Osamassacre!!!

But just remember I'll surely revenge in a form of life-cracking!!!

Busy to play one game with a name of ...

a13xoloid Blog

There have been no updates on my projects.
The reason is that I am busy to play one game with a name of life-cracking.
It's a game to be a detective and find some bizarre solutions for various shits delivered by a silent yet extremely reptile terrorist(yes, this is correct, he is not an exaggerated straight-forward one as seen on TV) with a name of Osama(IIRC) and his zombies in various real-life situations or aspects .
Unlike a virtual game on computer, this game actually pays off.
If I did well, I did get something worth it.
So there will have been no updates on my projects till I get bored.

Thought on Gamers' Real Energy Drink

a13xoloid Blog

I've been wondering what is the ideal and handy energy drink for gamers and digital operators.
When people play Quake Live Duel, in most cases once one side starts to win, the other will never win back.
I guess this is due to the body reaction triggered by mental upset and it causes lack of oxygen, especially in brain.


1. The ideal energy drink should provide enough mount of oxygen with carbon dioxide which expands blood tube.
2. It should also deliver V.A. V.D. V.E. with appropriate amount of carrier fat.
3. And it should also provide amino acids, such as L-Theanine, that could trigger relaxation

I think green tea could fill some of these requirements and could be used as base liquid.
I'm still in a stage of trial and error on this but someday perfect energy drink recipes will be finished and its outcome will be reflected to higher quality of contents and more extravagant amount of productivity by A13xoloid Digital Entertainment.

Some Todos

a13xoloid Blog

There are too many things on which I want to work.
Belows are some of them.

1. Making a Q3 Mod that allows mappers to make use of intriguing more func_ entities such as func_issue_command
2. Making a more comfortable custom Q3 Radiant that inherits core features of GtkRadiant 1.2.x series
3. Making a custom q3map that uses completely different fast-and-easy-to-use, if not end result is not so beautiful and controllable, lighting approach and provides various decompiling features with advanced analysis
4. Making a Q3 Bot Mod that requires its own aas file and map design(entity placement)
5. Making a killer unreal tournament 99/2003/2004 map
6. Making a killer killing floor 1 map
7. Making a killer land of the dead map
7. Implementing a Vertex Buffer Object into Q3 engine
8. Implementing a Ghoul Engine into Q3 engine
9. Implementing a Random Arena Generator into Q3 engine

Motivation to Mod

a13xoloid Blog

Why do I dare to mod?
At 1st I wanted to escape from Japan.
Since teen I've believed I'll never be happy as long as caught in this prison island.

But it turned out that the idea of escaping from Japan is nothing more than escaping from reality.
It also turned out that I had to escape from planet Earth, rather than this mere island of shit.
It also turned out that I need to be greatly helped by others to escape from Japan, which can lead to dilemma, more painful than keeping a simple straight hatred.

A swindler often says "Only look at the good side of life"
But I want to do so from the bottom of my heart if ever actually could.

Anyway what I need to do is essentially escaping from reality, dodging various silent terrorism by "them" and being a Private Pyle.
"They" always try to treat ordinary people(including me) as one of the public soldiers/robots with no private will.
So modding can be an antithesis to compensate it.

Drinking Coffee/Tea

a13xoloid Blog

To keep the concentration for digital operation, drinking coffee/tea often helps.
But it makes me to demand yet another cup of coffee/tea.
In the end coffee/tea makes me feel exhausted.

I couldn't find the reason why coffee/tea worked poisonously to me.
(Too much is not a reason here.)

Last year I experimented on how to drink more, safely.
Then I've found some curious facts.

1. Coffee/Tea consumes fat in body, including the one necessary for brain
2. Many cheaper tea leaves contain incredible amount of agricultural chemical toxins
3. Low fat diet, which is continuously promoted by mass media, food industry and even Japanese government, accelerates disorders

And one simple solution to it is to taking more smoother oils on daily diets or drinking with smoother oils.

Now I'm writing this blog while drinking coffee.

Thought of Creating High Quality Contents

a13xoloid Blog

I've been wondering what is the most important thing to create high quality contents.
The conclusion is quite simple.

High quality health.

But it is really hard to achieve it.
There are many traps in modern life to lose health easily due to silent terrorism in daily life.
Even a shampoo contains toxins that ruin brain functionality.
And LED display drastically damages eyes.
Needless to say foods.

I've been busy to inspect modern daily silent terrorism by mafias or secret kings that control governments in the background like a spyware or a computer virus.
That's why there have been no updates on activities by "a13xoloid digital entertainment"

I also thought of happiness.
What is the happiness?

I also thought of humans.
What the hell is human?

Anyway I'm back.
From now on I will mainly write some silly blogs and making some silly maps.

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