My name is Tim Haerkens and I'm a Dutch game designer. I'm currently in my third year at a game design & development college. I am the lead developer of Grotman and we're working on Tribal and Error. I am skilled with the C# and Javascript language and the Unity Engine.

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Lambda Wars

Mod review

It's an awesome RTS mod for Half Life 2. Very original and fun to play.



Game review

This is such an awesome game, I HAVE to write a quick review about it.
I discovered Minecraft when it was still in Alpha.
I started building stuff and understood how everything worked.
I kept playing Minecraft for several years and I still love it.

I don't play it as much as I used to but I worked on huge projects.
I was admin on a server with 1k visitors a day and this thought me a lot
of the game because I had to know how to help other players.

The game has endless possibilities and because it's build out of blocks it's easy to modify the world as you want to.
The game got a lot of new features over the past few years which make the game even more fun. You will never be done playing because there is so much you can discover.

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