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the stargate no limits game need helps with a vehicles modellers for make :hummer,turret,Chinook,

is a non paid project
Stargate No Limits is an indie and free MOD actually under development. Realised with UDK (Unreal Development Kit), this game takes place in the Stargate franchise’s universe (SG1, Atlantis & Universe).
The game will be a multiplayer and cooperative FPS where you’ll be able to play various characters using a huge panel of weapons. You’ll have to choose for which side you wanna fight for, then travel the gate…
The main maps you’ll be able to fight to defend Earth, or to enslave it, depending on which side your preferences will goes, will also be really different. You’ll be able to travel the gate several different locations such as the SGC, an Hatack ship, Abydoss, Dakara, Tower, Aztec, Continum, a submarine, Chulak, The Midway Station, or else Replicator Homeworld.
In the future, you’ll also be able to fly some of the Stargate’s ships, such as Deathgliders, hatacks, the Prometheus, alkeshs, repiclator hives, or else teltaks, which will give you awesome experiences and different fighting dimensions.

The SNL Team is now recruiting, we’re looking for serious and highly motivated people, who are able to produce hard work when it’s needed, passionated by Stargate, and willing to give the best of them. If you don’t fit with this description, don’t contact us, we’re fed up with people saying “yes” and producing nothing.

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if you are interested for helping us ,add me into skype darknigthmare,(also msn ,steam darknigthmare or pm me)
or register into the website and send me a message
with few screen of your work

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