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About The Job:

C10 is looking for a Level Designer to create a variety of levels for our new upcoming game Scopophobia.

The game is being made entirely in c# with the help of Unity3D for our engine. Some basic mock up levels are need as soon as possibles so the programmers can begin working on some scripted scenes and so on.

We would like to keep the team to a minimum with just 2 Programmers, 1 3D Modeler/Artist(Textures), and 1 Level Designer.

All positions are non-paid since this game is a concept demo to see how the players will react with it. If it gets positive feed back we will be gin full production on the game and launch it with a set price that YOU will get a percentage of.


Our Level Designer will need to be able to do the following:

-Join a Skype call to talk about the game, progress, and ideas.
*We (The programmers) will be online most of the afternoon, and we will set meetings about 2-3 times a week and almost always on Saturday.*

-Be able to create a variety of locations and work together as a team listening to feed back and map advice.

-Understand how unity works and be able to set up a basic scene in a reasonable time. More detailed maps are of course more time consuming and we wont be on you for taking your time.

-Speak fluent English.

-Have a since of humor and love what you are doing!

To Apply

Send a resume of your work with some examples to

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