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Programmers located Anywhere, or Portugal.

Posted by TrepidXz on

Hello, everybody

Before anything, you should know that, this game is a VR game. If you are a programmer or an artist you will be in need of a VR headset.

Welcome to this project of mine called: "Under Your Shadow" based on huge boss fights with many mechanics and many ways to climb on top of it to kill it. This game has a character with a huge background history although in the game it won't be showed much from his past and we will only leave easter eggs (We love mysteries ^^), the game art will be a very low poly very detail to all the small things.

Example of what I have at the moment

Although I have all the history and mythology created for the project, its still a very early stage for it to be done and there for you might have some impact on the history of the game has well.

This game is not a payed project, however we will open a kickstarter wich will be focused on markteting the game get all the licences that we need and extras and also to share profit with all the team.

If you are interested to be a part of a Indie game studio environment, if you love this game idea and work as a team, you will suit perfectly in this project.

To Apply

If you are interested in this project, please send us an email with your portfolio and with games that you like to play to the email:

Anywhere, or Portugal
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