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The RTB:R Team is currently looking for a few more people to fill some roles in light of recent project updates. Utilising content from developer repositories and some originally created parts, Half Life 2: Raising the Bar Redux will aim to recreate a part of the vision the original developers had for the game, as well as developing our own. RTB:R centres around a thematic melding of the HL2 Alpha, Beta, and Retail concepts, as well as our own ideas, to create a unique and complete experience.

Our team has a mix of sound designers, composers, mappers, animators, modellers, and more that ensure we have a lot of bases covered. With that being said, more mappers are always conducive to the design process and we have a lot of ground to cover, so intermediate-to-experienced mappers would be greatly appreciated. We have made good progress on our first chapter, but changes to the development pipe-line as well as changes to mapping inspiration have meant several maps thought to be complete have had to be cut. We also would like to be starting on the second chapter within the next 4-5 months so that we can continue to make good and steady progress on the mod.

You can read up on Raising the Bar: Redux here:

Thanks in advance!

To Apply

Contact the development lead on Discord at Kralich#0901 or via email at Have 5-10 in-game screenshots that demonstrate both the best work you can do and the standard of mapping we can expect.

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