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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

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We're looking for a skilled composer to help make musical composition for our visual novel.

You need to know how to create a multitude of music. From pieces that can act as a calming ambiance to pieces that help to build tension with the player. If you would like to hear an example of what type of music we are looking for, go to lucid9 or ace academy and listen to their background music. The majority of what we are looking for needs to be calming, however there will be times when the music will need to build tension within the player, or go along with an action scene.

This is for an indie team, we only have a few members, and only one other composer, who is doubling as a programmer too. We do not have a specific schedule or release date, and because of that you will be able to work at your own pace.

This job is unpaid, at least for now. When the game gets closer to release we will begin talking about whether or not we want to make it cost money. If we do decide to make it cost money it will be a profit share job.

To Apply

Go to this discord link, and have a chat with me. No resume, or anything required. I just want to chat with you and make sure you'll be a good fit with the team.

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