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You may (or probably not) remember the game Biota which has been stuck in development for a while now.

Well, we're back, and with a new company behind development to boot, being spearheaded by lead designer Demodoran Kurur.

If you don't remember Biota, we've revised the concept a little. It's still a 3D simulation game at heart, focusing on evolution. What's new, is that the gameplay is now focused on a small group of creatures and their territory, which as the player, you will be tasked with keeping alive, while simultaneously watching them evolve based on competition from other creatures, and a changing environment.

After some issues over the past year, we've decided to completely relaunch our game's development, with an adjusted scope and vision that is more in line with not having any funding backing us at the current time.

As part of our relaunching efforts, we will be updating our social media pages in the coming few weeks, as well as launching a brand new website. As a result, we don't have a lot to show off for our efforts yet, but hope you'll bear with us.

Right now our team has dedicated artists, modelers, a musician, designer, marketing talent and one hardy programmer putting in time on the project.

However, to accomplish our vision, we are looking for anybody with a good and sufficient understanding of C# who is either versed in procedural programming, gameplay implementation, or AI. The more versatile your skillset, the better. We are looking for a new lead programmer as well, so if that is your forte, don't hesitate to reach out!

This is a contracting position which will guarantee you a share of the game's revenue, and because of that, we can't offer any payment up front.

Our immediate goal is to assemble our team, then revise our development plan with a realistic time frame, and work towards an early alpha version of our game.

As this is a contractual job, we cannot train you in any way, and you must be able to work independently with agreed upon deadlines.

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