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We are Forged Chaos, a team of miscreants and degenerates wholeheartedly engaged in expanding the ALREADY LAUNCHED Trials of Ascension: Exile, a "Host Your Own" multi-player fantasy sandbox survival game for the PC where you host your own island, set the rules as you see fit, and play as a human, the wall-crawling raknar, or even try to grow a dragon from a hatchling up to ancient!

In case you missed it, we have already launched the game onto Steam's Early Access and we simply need help growing it. That is where you might come in.

No place to go

The chaos you'd be joining comes down to three things:

We run monthly sprints where you are asked to fill up your to-do list with the amount of work you can commit to getting done. You are in control of how much you contribute (sans a certain number of hours expected per sprint to ensure progress).

We have this whole "remote team" thing down to a science. We have a fleshed out game design document (GDD) that we refer to daily for guidance, we use Slack for daily discussions, Discord for our weekly all-team voice meetings and Trello to track progress and effort. No floundering on how to get things done around here!

We are super serious about two things: growing ToA:Exile and having fun. If I'm to be honest, we are a group of brutally honest and politically incorrect scallywags that will laugh too hard at things that ought not to be laughed at. We poke endless fun at one another, give each other virtual wedgies, spread horrible rumors of one another and engage in other general debauchery.

Raknar inspects its webbing

I suppose you're asking yourself "So what the hell is in it for me?". Glad you asked....

Aside from all the laughter at your expense and endless task-mastering, we are offering a share of the revenue. Pretty simply, eh? The contract, our projections, specifics of our processes and goals will be discussed with qualified applicants that have signed a NDA.

Dragon flaring wings

We are looking for the following positions:

We need an audio specialist to, well, create audio. If you know the dark arts of creating audio of anything from clanking pots to roaring dragons, we might have a spot for you on the team. Check out our page for more details on the position -

Our first island was definitely NOT created by an environmental artist and it shows. We need to have many many islands created that don't suck like said first island. If you got a passion (and talent) for creating beautiful environments, come on by and check out what we're looking for in an enviro artist -

As a programmer, you will be chained to your desk, fed sparingly and released only long enough for the occasional bathroom break but only while your code is compiling. Aside from that we are looking for a coder that has a solid understanding of and experience with Unity, fluent in C#, familiar with Git, and we'd love you long time if you have experience with AI and networking. Check out our page for more details -

Evisceraptor on the hunt

To Apply

If you see yourself as a forger of chaos and any of the above jobs match your talents/skill sets, shoot us an email at " Please include a link to your portfolio or any examples of your work.


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