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We at Team Roxivia are looking for a few key members to make our first big creation come to life. Gripped by greed, the high command of the Roxivian military has brought catastrophe to the once prosperous kingdom. Four unlikely heroes from different walks of life will arise from different corners of the kingdom. Walk the path of one of these heroes, and save your home in our 3D Platformer/RPG Hybrid.

Project Roxivia (working handle), was an extremely popular concept within the community, and raised over $10'000 on an Indiegogo campaign, without any gameplay shown. Our vision and concept alone was enough to catch people's attention. Unfortunately due to personal reasons, a few of our key members had to leave (Programmer, Modeler, and Level Builder). We still have a strong grasp on our vision, but we want YOU to be as much of a part of it as we are.

The game is large, much too large for the $10'000 we received in our campaign, so here's the plan. We hope to get the few staff listed and make a sort of tech demo displaying what we have to offer with Project Roxivia. With this, we will make a more solid and descriptive campaign to raise the rest of the money. I feel this will be the hardest part of the whole process. Once we show people what we have to offer and the unique experience Project Roxivia will bring, I'm sure finding extra staff to speed up development won't be hard at all.

The current team (8 of us), are very dedicated to the game; we have spent countless days in 15+ hour long meetings brainstorming our rich story, gameplay, and characters, and we truly feel that this is a gem waiting to be polished.

As I stated above, we wish to make actual content to show off, so that we can make another campaign and raise the rest of the money. Once this is done, we can use that money to hire more staff, and actually pay everyone for their hard work. Another goal is to distribute the game on Steam, which given the massive popularity of the concept alone, I'm sure will be easily accessible. I run a gaming YouTube channel nearing half a million subscribers, so I'm sure they will see that this size of a group would bring sales to the game.

Our current team already has a massive part of the story written out, concept art for nearly all major characters drawn up, and environments concepted. All we need is to bring it all to life.

As we'd be starting from scratch on the programming front, we could work with many mediums, but Unity would be preferred.

The team we have now are all very friendly, and it's a great work environment.

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If you're interested in joining the team, in the role of a Programmer, Animator, Modeler, or Level Builder, we'd love to see what you can do! Email your resume and/or portfolio to . Thanks!

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