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My name is António.
When I was younger I used to play a lot of platformers and since then I feel that platformers just haven’t spiked my interest (other than Psychonauts). And that’s why I’m here.
I’m looking to make a 3D platformer, almost as an homage to the games that helped me grow. But the thing is that I want this game to not only have interesting game mechanics but also a great story with great aesthetics and witty sense of humour - in a way to take the challenges that made me lose ‘oh so many hours’ some years ago and twist them to somewhat of its “adult” version.

The game is about a boy that goes through a great tragedy and retreats to a sort of “dream”. In there he will travel by 5 levels that, much like Shadow of the Colossus, only have ‘boss fights’ that will range from a simple face-to-face challenge to an obstacle run, etc.
It’s going to have a very unique aesthetic, very stylised, with a tragic and grim story, all covered with wacky characters and a twisted, dark sense of humour. In a way – like Psychonauts.

I’m mainly looking for programmers but all that feel like this game touches any nerve are welcomed to apply.

NOTE: I am doing this to enrich my portfolio. I have no budget and as such I’m only looking for those willing to work for royalties (all profits from the game will be divided among the team).

Thank you for your time

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All interested contact me: and introduce yourself, maybe show me some previous works, etc.

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