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Currently seeking help with creating new levels for the Upcoming release of Doom 3 Hardqore Dhewm 3 update.

Eligible candidates should be familiar with Doom 3 in general and basic understanding of creating maps using Dark radiant.

Hardqore for Doom already has a solid foundation. Mappers can begin working immediately without the need to wait for content to be produced for it. Many tutorials are up on basics of creating levels for the game in Doom 3. You'll find that creating levels for it is much faster than ones for fps gameplay.

You will be given control of the level's theme, layout and much more. The author could build their levels off a given theme is desired, something Doom inspired, an original idea or recreate a level from a classic action platformer such as Contra, Castlevania, Mario, or Ninja Gaiden, etc. Whatever you choose! We will help you as needed when it comes to polishing the level, testing and scripting.

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If interested contact Revility on the moddb:

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