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I'm rebuilding an old game of mine that was made in 2009. The GUI was horrible and the game consequently had a steep learning curve. The game would average 20 players online at a time and still has a small fan base asking for its return.

I'm in the process of building an engine for it (what I had failed to do the first time.)
It's my hopes to rebuild the game to be more new user friendly which would in turn increase the player base. More players = more potential revenue.

What made the game unique is that there were no NPC players except for trainers to teach your character skills. Combat could only be done between actual players. There were no NPC's to kill and grind for hours. Skills also don't increase when you use them 1,000 times over. Skills are increased by Skill Points, which are awarded after a set time of activity in the game with each interval increasing.

There are 11 animals to choose from: Badger, Beaver, Ferret, Fox, Hedgehog, Mouse, Rabbit, Rat, Shrew, Skunk, Squirrel, Weasel. Each race has it's own benefits to certain stats. Such as, the badger has a +7 to the Strength stat and +6 to the Fortitude stat. The settings takes place in a giant forest. The maps will extend to deserts, swamps, and other types of terrain. In the original version, you could literally walk for 15 minutes in any direction until you would find a dead end. Players also had the ability to dig their own "burrows" which they could use as shops. Inside their burrow they could design the structure of it: tables, walls, ect.

A fair bit of progress has already been made. The server skeleton is built. You can login to the server and walk around and see other players walk around.

I'm really looking for someone with at least 2 years of experience with programming, preferably with Java.

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Skype: dgafcody

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