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Level Designers located United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe.

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Greetings everyone, my name is Justin and I am working on an indie game entitled INT (Interstellar). We began production around two weeks ago and already we have a good sized team actively beginning work on game development.

Who we are: We currently have a concept artist, someone actively working on textures, a 3D modeler, two writer, two coders, sound composer, and a public relations marketer.

What we are doing: We are currently working on a Sci-Fi RPG, with roguelike and American western elements. For our initial project we are planning on building a demo or playable introductory zone for the player. The player will essentially begin the game in a war-torn city with the driving goal to board or hijack a star-ship to escape the Interstellar War.

Check our website out for some introductory concept art (most is still on the forums):

Organization: We are using Trello, GIT Repository should be up this week, Weekly Google Hangout Sessions, forums and email to communicate. If you decide to email me please be aware that you will be required to actively work within a team structure and complete tasks on time.

Departments: Each member of the team is on a department: Art, Coding, Writing, Sound. Each Department has a head or lead who reports to me each week and we agree to set department goals.

What we are looking for: We are looking for more than a "level designer" which is what the field required. I am looking for a level designer, but that is not the only position we are looking for. I am looking for the following positions to flesh out the remainder of our team. Positions: Additional Concept Artist to assist our current Concept Artist and Art Department, 3D Modeler who knows Unity to assist our current Modeler, Sound Designer who is good at making weapon effects and environmental noises (lives in Europe/U.K.), Level Designer to assist me in designing dungeons and the world at large, and finally a lead coder. Currently, our coder/development department does not have a lead, but we have two members already in that department developing assets.

If you are interested please contact me immediately with "Position "what you are applying for" and relevant information such as skills, background, etc. Also, let me know when you are available to work on the game and how often you check email etc.

Our Twitter Account has additional Concept Art and information: INTgame1

Here are our forums:

Email me at


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United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe
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