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Hey guys, we’re Lethal Lens Productions and we've been in development with our first title, Project Icarus since May of 2013. We've jumped through three different engines before landing with Unreal Engine. Being satisfied with the results, we’re looking for people who are enthusiastic and motivated to make an amazing Sci-Fi FPS MMO along with the team we have right now.


-Build and texture natural environmental assets to the specifications and high standards needed
-Communicate and work with designers and other artists
-Conform to the established art style by closely following art and design concepts
-Contribute to the creative process through original ideas and inspiration
-Participate in critiquing your work and the work of other artists
-Work with the entire development team in an energetic and creative environment


-Excellent understanding of environmental design and its functions within a game
-Exceptional understanding of lighting, mood, and color
-Excellent fine art skills
-Superb knowledge of 3D Studio Max and Photoshop
-Candidates must show an aptitude for learning new systems quickly
-Sense of humor

Lethal Lens Perks:

-We're awesome
-Awesome bosses
-Access to UE4 if job requires it
-Royalty contracts with room to grow.
-Free fun
-Free coffee
-Free cookie if you do the thing
-Free access to cons like E3 and Comic Con (must be actively working on the project to land this)
-Did we mention fun, awesome, and a cookie?

If you think you can help us in a different way, check out our jobs page on our site here:

To Apply

So if you want the cookie for doing the thing, why wait and think about joining our awesome gang, email us at so you can sign up for the awesome and most importantly the cookie.

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