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Programmers located Gainesville, Florida.

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You might remember a little indie game called Dungeon Defenders ( ), which sold over 2 million copies on Steam and Xbox 360, and over 3 million downloads on iOS & Android!

Perhaps you have used or learned from the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit? ( Or maybe poked around the original Dungeon Defense UDK Showcase project (, prototype which started it all?

Various members of the original DunDef development team, including the Lead Arist, Lead Programmer, Lead Game Designer, and Lead Level Designer, have started a new indie-style subsidiary studio of Trendy Entertainment. This new team is called Nom Nom Games, and is currently about 20 people working from a studio adjacent to Trendy's offices in Gainesville, Florida.

We're looking for talented UnrealScript / Unreal Engine 3 gameplay programmers to join our growing team. Prior professional experience is not required, just examples of your sweet Unreal game programming skills. So if you have an interest in being part of a highly experienced fast-paced veteran development team with some world-class engineers, artists, & designers, and play a key role in the design and programming of this innovative multiplatform game, then please e-mail us at and let's talk. We want to hear from you!

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