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EXM Games is now looking for Concept Artists or Illustrators to fill a background artist position at our new project, codenamed "Zombie Horde".

Who is EXM Games ?

Who is EXM Games ? - Mod DB

Job Description:
The artist will work creating several pieces of concept art, which later will be refined into illustrations to be used in production. These illustrations will be used as backgrounds where zombies and other mutants of the game will spawn from to attack the player.

The desired quality of the illustrations needed must be at the same level or supperior than the following pictures.

Hallway Update Entrance MK

Latest Levels Prison

-A cetain degree of discipline.
-Free Time, must be able to dedicate the project at least 1 hour per day(EXM Games does not work on weekends)
-Being a fast worker
-Experience not required but a certain level of skill is desired.
--Experience creating sprites is a plus

Game Description:
You are part of a special ops team that was sent to rescue a vip that got stranded inside the city where the zombie apocalypse began.

The gameplay will contain improved arcade style mechanics.

The game is part of our Carnage Frontier franchise, for more information on the franchise, please visit the following links.

This is a non-paid position for a short term development cycle, perfect for those who want to increase their resume and CV by adding their name in a full developed and released game, FAST. Students will get a great deal of experience working on this position.

The game is for non profit purposes, but to support our other games.

After the project is over, the new artist will be added to Exiled Mind Games directory of developers and taken in mind for future paid positions.

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