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Art Ink Studios is a small indie team that make video games for pc, consoles and mobiles.

We are seeking for a dedicated Marketing to help spread the word of our up coming game Star Blitz X. Experiences is not necessarily, but must have some background experience in marketing in past project.

As Marketing Analyst you’ll be responsible for running multiple simultaneous campaigns on multiple acquisition channels to get as many players as possible for our games.

Job Description´╝Ü

- Will be in charge of market research, developing marketing strategies and overseeing their deployment
- Oversees the PC game community (GOG. Discord, Reddit, Steam Community,
- Running company's Social Media channels (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, ..)
- Great at communicating with gamers, retailers, and advertisers


- Able to understanding of how video games work and what makes a game successful in today's market
- English is a must
- Who love and breath video games
- Understands the projects we publish and how to makes a game worth purchasing
- Must have excellent people skills
- Check for spelling and grammar

It is important that you understand this before deciding to work with us that this is a non-paid project. It is a risk and right now we are looking for eager candidates who are willing to work long term on this upcoming project. However, after we hit the milestone of completing the demo of the game in six months. We plan to offer revenue sharing for all new members who join our team that is based on a percentage and see to be fairly compensated for their time, scaled to the success of our game.

We will provide you on the details of what we want marketed once you are hired.

To Apply

Send an email to with CV.

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