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Reimhstair is a competitive digital card game in which you take the role of the leader in a group of dinosaurs to defend your resources from other dinosaurs. As the leader, you may call upon your allies to help defend the herd from other opposing dinosaurs. First to 0 health losses. We currently have a working physical prototype which includes;

  • 300+ Unique cards specific to the world of Reimhstair
  • 4 different stylized groups of dinosaurs with a fifth neutral group
  • New and exciting card mechanics
  • Interesting card interactions
  • A Players Rule and Handbook

When a player creates a new account, they receive a set of free cards to start their collection, which they can collect through the story mode. Players may also purchase packs to expand their collection, earning cards of varying rarity, from Uncommon all the way through Exotic. Exotics are the rarest cards to come across. Each pack will have a rare card guaranteed.

We currently need art designers for our card game Reimhstair. We are looking for hyper-realism, working with plants, animals (Dinosaurs), and landscapes. Our hopes are to get realistic designs of specific dinosaurs found on our cards. Each card will likely have a background that suits its purpose. In addition, some cards have expanded art on other versions of the card, or tokens. For example; the card ‘Twin Stegos’ is a 1 attack, 1 defense baby stegosaurus that creates a token of a baby stegosaurus that has 1 attack and 1 defense. For cards like this, we would like to see extended art that covers both cards and tells a bigger story.

We are also looking for a border design for our cards that showcases the following:

  • Card Name
  • Rarity
  • Card Cost
  • Card Text
  • Attack and Defense Stats
  • Card Grouping

Each card group is denoted by a specific color scheme for the border; Pack Hunters is Red, Solitary Hunters are Black, Armored Herbivores is Evergreen, Herd Dinosaurs is Blue, Neutral is Grey.

Our intention with this game is to become a multiplatform card game, available on PC to start, and then moving onto Apple and Google Play stores. We will be working towards making this game available as an Esport. We have plans to have scheduled releases of expansion packs, starting a year after the initial release of the full game. Each subsequent release will occur every 6 months, adding new and exciting mechanics, dinosaurs, and gameplay, creating an ever-expanding and diverse way to play the game.

Your Role:

As an artist, your role while working with us will be to design and create a visual story for each card, exemplifying the details of that specific card. We would expect anywhere from 4 to 8 completed cards per month. Resumes and portfolios are a large factor, however, if you have exemplary artistic skills or have previous experience, do not hesitate to apply with examples of your previous work.

If interested, please apply with a resume and/or a portfolio of your previous work. Thank you.

To Apply

Send a resume/portfolio/artwork and a small introduction of yourself to

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