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Level Designers located Remote.

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Our team is looking for passionate individuals to fill several positions within Tiny Hut Studios, to help make our new IP as successful as possible. If you are interested in working with a new starting indie team that seeks to change the way game studios should be run then take a look at the position below and take a stab at it. We look forward to hearing from you


Basic understanding of silhouette and form

Excellent understanding in Zbrush, Maya, and PBR material creation and rendering

Excellent understanding of Substance Painter/Designer and Photoshop

Experience in hard surface modeling, as well as organic modeling, digital sculpting and texture painting

Proficient understanding of Unreal engine and engine implementation

A team player with strong kommunication skills

Be willing to take criticism as well as be able to learn or teach different techniques

Attention to detail is key. Extra credit if you put the secret at the end of your application title.

The ability to take directions, constructive criticism and be flexible to change designs as needed

Must have a love for video games, tabletop games, and media is required! be prepared to talk about what you love and did not love about various other games

Be able to speak in fluent English

Be self-motivated, self-directed, and be an overall positive person

Have a flexible schedule and be able to commit to various meetings and deadlines

Must be experienced in rigging and animation

Proficient understanding of dynamic poses and animation

Interest in dark fantasy themes is a huge bonus

To Apply

We are looking for people of all experience levels including students, however, this means we require some form of a portfolio to demonstrate your general level of ability. This position will be entirely royalty/rev-share base. Please send your resume and portfolio as well as any other relevant material to Title the email as Character artist application [Firstname] [Lastname] if this is not followed your application can not be reviewed

Best of Luck,
Tiny Hut Studios

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