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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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I have been working on a concept, and building a team from ground up. I am a concept artist, with limited experience in Z Brush, and Blender. I am looking to build a team from ground up to create something. Looking for:

Story Writer
Level Designer(s)
3D Modeler(s)
Game Programmer
Concept Artist(s)
Marketing Specialist
Web Designer

If you have an adventurous side, and skills that can help carry the weight, it would be awesome to have you on the team. This will be a profit share, and will be working out the details with the team to make sure compensation is fair and that as we build and invest our time into the company, we are rewarded accordingly.

This game will be fantasy, but very different from the ordinary. If you ever wanted to get in on a project with great potential, an awesome team, and make some lifetime friends along the way, this is for you. Please make initial contact and we can go from there to see if this is something you would like to be involved in. We will be setting up virtual office on Discord, so you will need your own equipment / programs. This is an excellent opportunity to be on the project at ground level and help to expand.

To Apply

Please send an introduction email with a resume if you have one. Please include some information about yourself, your skills with samples to We can set up a meeting time. Thanks!

Looking forward to meeting you.

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