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Programmers located Anywhere.

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I am looking for concept artists, composers, and/or 3D Artists. For more information about my game, please email me.

Overview: Hello everyone! My name is Riley and I am developing an indie game called Boltrun and I am looking to sell it for $15.00 on GameJolt and IndieDB. This will be unpaid besides revenue share. We will discuss that privatley.
Game: Boltrun - For more information on story, lore, and overview, please email me. Or join my Discord:
My Exp.: I have worked one one FNAF Fangame before this that was not sold. So im not very familiar with the financial industry yet.
Roles Needed: If you are, or now anybody who can fit these roles above, please let me know! Thank you!
Length: About half a year (hard to tell)
Split: We will discuss this when the game is sold...
Thanks for applying! Thank you for you interest in my game and have a great day!

Also on Discord you can DM me or ask me on the server, thanks for your interest.

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To Apply

Email with a reason how and why you want to be a part of my game and the role you fit in. Also, you must be ok with profit share and you could also email me asking about the story/overview.

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