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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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At AEON Games we're at the forefront of creating a kick ass Zombie Survival Game, our current team of 6 have currently made great progress with this game, though now we are looking for extra staff to help achieve us this kiss ass material we plan to make!

We're using CryEngine 3, and do plan to sell this on a wide range of gaming platforms!
We want to help develop members of our teams own skills where practice of which could be used within the gaming industry if chosen to be a path for them! Once you're accepted you're family and we are always open to hear ideas from what you would like to see as a gamer, and as a member of our team!

Please if you are interested, we would need a portfolio of work, and dedication to meeting deadlines, though we're not too strict on them as of yet! And obviously expect of you to have private lives of your own so bare in mind this is a hobby we would like to share!

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