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Hi, I am Aleksandar and I am working on very interesting game for a long time. I have created a lot of small games because programming is my hobby but this project attracted a lot of my friends and their friends so I decided to make this game for market.

About me (shortly) - My name is Aleksandar and i am programming for over 8 years. I love programming and i create small programs and games in my free time. I graduated at High School for PC Engineering and Programming and I will soon start at 'Game Programming Science' College.

About the game - Game mechanic is pretty simple - 2D Real-Time Platform Strategy game. Before any level, player chooses up to 5 heroes that he will use in that level. Every hero have stats (damage, magic damage, defense, magic defense, speed, range, etc.) and most of them have special power. So, the player should also create tactic and strategy while choosing that 5 heroes. Ally heroes are moving to the right, enemy heroes to the left. The point of every level is to destroy opponent's base. Player spend golds when spawning any hero and there is housing that prevents the player from spamming heroes. There is also spells (heal, arrows etc.) but we are planning to remove them.
The most interesting fact in the game is that melee heroes don't have attacking animations but are bouncing with enemies and dealing damage like that.
Heroes are divided by rarity - Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary.
We are planning to add multiplayer PvP battles but we are sticking to Singleplayer for now.

Profit - there will be in-game currency that will players use to buy heroes (or Runes in later builds) and that's the first revenue. The second one is from ads that player can watch to earn gems for example.
All the revenue will be divided equally. Everyone in the team gets 1/3 (33%) of all monthly revenue per month. We will also sign a contract so no one will be damaged.

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