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PSR Digital is looking to fill this role for Peer Review, a reimagining of Half-Life: Decay.

What you’ll do:
Concept art, special effects, and materials are all the purview of the 2D Artist. Whether it's painting a rough scene to give ideas to the level design team, making new textures to turn those concepts into reality, or doing some good-old fashioned frame animation for a specialized particle effect, very few 3D games can be completed without at least a few 2D artists on board.

While concept artists are very much welcome at PSR, we're looking for 2D artists who are also capable of working on implementation as well.

Please note that due to the licensing terms of Valve's Source SDK, we are unable to release our project commercially, which means we have no way of recouping any costs associated with the project, including compensation for your work. As such, this is a volunteer position only.

Who you are:
• An enthusiastic, friendly developer who is willing to work with a team
• Able to read and write fluent English
• Someone with a suitable amount of free time willing to be dedicated to the project (this is flexible and vague, but we don’t want anyone just kind of popping in only once every month or so!)
• Willing and able to effectively give and receive constructive feedback
• Have access to an internet connection stable and fast enough for frequent uploads and downloads
• Experienced in the pre-PBR “standard” material workflow (diffuse, specular, normal)
• Capable of creating realistic, visually appealing textures
• Capable of packing multiple texture maps into a single texture
• Capable of creating textures that conform to the standard Hammer grid

• Basic knowledge of how to use the Hammer editor is preferred, but not required
• The ability to create proper VMTs and VTFs as well as familiarity with their formats is not required, but strongly preferred
• Knowledge of how to read a UV map is strongly preferred

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