Have you ever wanted to discus writing within the modding world? Trying to find someone to help edit or review your writing? Or perhaps just looking for a place to receive criticism? Then this may be the group for you. As this group is currently in development, some systems and details will be fleshed out in the near future. The forums are now open and set up for use. If you want to post your writing, go to the forums and (depending on length) post the writing itself or a link to it from elsewhere. An example will be posted momentarily. If you want to discuss a particular subject or style, start a thread in the forums.

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Reccomend some short stories MrCupcake MrCupcake - read

Dec 19 2009

On Writing by Stephen King Mclogenog Mclogenog - read

Jan 7 2009


Post any debates of style in recent, or even classical literature. One of the best ways to become a better writer is to read.