WWRROD is a group which was created to show the need (or even necessity) of giving real rates to games. What is the real rate? It is a detailed rate with all pros and cons considered before choosing the number from 1-10 range. It is also great if review is provided. It is way too frequent to see rates like 10/10 with a commentary like 'I had great fun!!' or without any review at all. This is not what we want. We want honest rating for games. If you liked the game but it wasn't perfect to you, don't hestitate to give it solid 8. If you hated the game but you can objectively tell, that it has some good points, use a honest 3. While giving rating you should be precise. If you like the game or do not like it at all, explain why. It will be good for developers, cause they will receive decent feedback, and also for other gamers who will gain better information if game is worth playing, or not. We Want Real Rating On Desura!


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