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Hello fellow group members! modlord1 has very kindly invited me to advertise the Codex mod here...so here I am!

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First of all, what is the 'Codex mod'?
Codex mod is a modification for the Real Time Strategy game 'Dawn of War: Soulstorm'. Pretty much, it adds a vast amount of new units, upgrades and features to the game, for example the 'allies' win condition, which enables you to, depending on your selected army, to select an ally to help you on the battlefield. You will then be able to purchase a selection of units from that race.

Furthermore, we have introduce certain legions for the original Dawn of War of the races (Chaos, Space Marines, Eldar and Orks). A legion is selected, and you can then build special units depending on the legion chosen, such as a Librarian squad if you chose Blood Ravens as Space Marines.

Why is Codex mod different to other mods which expand the game?
We believe that we have a quality not reached by many other mods, for example some our Grey Knight textures (thanks to deathwatch78). In addition, our special features offer a type of play style which no other Dawn of War mod can match.

Are there any new armies?
Indeed there are. These include:
Chaos Daemons
Chaos Renegades (The Lost and the Damned)
Grey Knights
Adeptus Mechanicus
Blood Angels
Space Wolves
Dark Angels

Here's our Grey Knight trailer :)

Here's our ModDB page: Moddb.com
And our Reddit forums: Reddit.com

Mod team:
Boothy_p (Team leader / Coder)
Deathwatch78 (FX / Textures)
dkpisme (Textures / Testing)
Count Bagatur (Testing / Textures)
deathteam15 (Community Manager)

Thanks very much for reading/watching, I hope you download and enjoy the mod!

moddlord1 Creator

this mod is super cool!!

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Héllalujah! Creator

Great mod =) =D =P XD

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Soulstormfan Creator

This mod is realy impressive, especialy grey knights

Reply Good karma+4 votes
moddlord1 Creator

new 3.5 version of codex mod link = Mediafire.com

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Deathwatch78 i have to ask here instead at the Codex. How come you stopped with UA mod, dont you want to finish texturing for that team? They are almost done! You do great work anyhow.

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deathteam15 Author

I'm afraid he stopped because he's got too much going on in both his virtual and real life- he's both working for many mod teams and is moving around the US quite a bit; it was sensible of him to stop working for them. I hope that's answered your question, Deuce. :)

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moddlord1 Creator

woohooo! new 3.5 version will be released 23-11-12

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This mod is super duper!!!! this mod is awesome! this is the King of Mods!

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