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CptIstvanofArdeal Online

I do agree with this the armor, and the weapon is ok but manipulating the gene-seed of other loyal legions and chapters without their knowledge is not ok, Guilliman is going to have a lot of explanation to do too the other chapter masters if not this might lead to a new civil war within the imperium

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The Imperium is on the back foot for millennia and declining. Every other faction gets new upgrades and kicks Imperial ***. A Primarch finally returns and decides to make changes to improve things.

Chaos has the unlimited power of the Warp, the Chaos Gods, and champions that can kill thousands and be resurrected if killed.

Tau have tank-killing power suits as their main, regular force.

Orks can mature to adulthood in a fraction of the timespan to create a Space Marine and match them in strength. Not to mention they populate more than humans and can create weapons and vehicles from junk.

Eldar have millennia-old seers and other psykers that pull off miracles along with armor and weapons made of bone that can slice through Terminator armor.

Tyranids have been pushing closer into the galaxy for centuries and none of the planets they take can ever be habitable again.

I think the Imperium can go with some updates if it wants to survive and turn back the tide. Should withhold judgement and not go into panic like after Age of Sigmar.

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Mike Pence Author
Mike Pence

Oh updates are fine.

My only beef is with the fluff. Long as the fluff feathers in there well with the rest everything is jacked up and good to go.

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well the reason nothing has changed is that there has been no one of sufficient standing to call for it.
Roboute is literally the son of god and if others like Rogal emerge and back him i cant see anyone objecting

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The armor is barely, & I mean BARELY any different. The helmet is a BLATANT ripoff of the older Maximus pattern helmet. "Cawl" pattern bolters? Meh. I was hoping for a totally new gothic/sci-fi redesign of the armor, & improved Heresy-era wargear. But no. Marine-marines with bolter-bolters... blah blah blah.
Good luck selling these plastic Gullimarines, Games DorkShop!

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Time for a lore rant.

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