This Group is dedicated to the development of The Unreal Tournament 3 Terminator Total Conversion. Our Terminator mod only consist of four people as of this moment and we "NEED" more. We did have Another modeler with the Screen name "Katana", but He disappeared off the face of the Internet! Help Wanted/Needed List Needed: 1:Texture and Terrain artists. 2:Sound artist Wanted: 1:At least one more Coder 2:At least one more Modeler 3:At least one to two more Mappers If you can contribute any help, It would be appreciated! The four Existing members are 1:Screen name:Marilol-Coder 2:Screen name:Arcane Raven-Modeler and Animator 3:Screen name:PureCarnage-Mapping and Kismet 4:Screen name:Gunwing- Gunwing Does a lot for our team things like; Gathering information, planning, posting updates, organizing priorities, and alot more (Sorry Gunwing For the things I know i missed, but i can't think of off the top of my head!)

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