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As it stands the team has been brain storming up with quite a few ideas and would love more input from other people that have the same feeling as we do; that this game is lacking something.

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Our team has been working on lists of things that we are going to attempt to edit.

As it stand I would love to make this mod as close to my old one as possible with the game mechanics such as bullet damage and vehicle speeds editable by a config file for easy change and so that everyone's game is the way that they would like it to be.

The team so far Conceits of:

IcIrIs: Computer Expert and Avid Gamer from British Colombia, Canada
Anphrax: Software Engineer from Washington, USA
Calvin: Beta Tester & Development Team from British Colombia, Canada

We are looking for more team members who are good with scripting and the Far Cry Data system. There are many things that we can do as individuals; however I would love to put together an amazing team to work on this game and in the future, many more.


Edit/Update (Nov 19/09):

Please post your idea's to the following forum thread for them to be considered:



Dat File Problems:

We thought we had a work around when it comes to the dat files, unlike most games they do not use a nice zip file format to save space with dat files. What does this mean? It means that we are able to extract the files from the dat files and edit them however at the moment we are unable to re-compress them to test them.

One little rant I would like to make about Ubisoft is that they do not use a nice system to edit their files, it makes me feel sorry for the people that had to work on the games engine, and then the people like us who want them modified.

We will be able to begin testing our modifications once we are able to re-compress the modified files. When this happens we will let you know and keep you up to date.

We have however discovered that they are using XML language for their coding for game configurations. This means that it is easy to modify variables however it might be a lot more difficult to add our own through a scripting system as I wished to.



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