All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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Oct 29 2014 Anchor

Hi all!

Been playing V1.6 for over a month now, and have gotten the feel for the game a bit and I'm ready to post some suggestions for the game. Likely many may be unpopular but I'll post them anyway. I've played GDI and NOD fairly extensively against Brutal AIs and I know which units badly could use changes and which ones are a bit better off. I'll likely do a NOD suggestions later. So without further ado here they are:

NOTE: The mindset behind these changes are based on how GDI played in Tiberium Sun. In Tiberium Sun, GDI was a powerhouse faction that focused a lot of its resources into high-end weapons and chassis research. They were often to have the best armored units, the best access to advanced technology (such as Hover Technology and Ion Cannons), and was designed around a turtling mentality (after all, their component towers could be built INTO wall sections). A lot of the unit portraits imply that this unit should receive this upgrade or that upgrade or be able to do this or that. Thought I should mention this so that people understand where I AM coming from.

1) Reactive Armor
-> Increase cost to $5,000 (to compensate for upgrade changes)
-> Apply also to Harvester, MCV, Mammoth Walker, Kodiak, and Juggernaut
-> Do not apply to Tempest MLRS (explanation made in unit suggestion section)

2) Composite Armor
-> Increase cost to $5,000 (to compensate for upgrade changes)
-> Increase hitpoints of units affected by 33%
-> Apply also to Engineer, Sniper Team and Medics
-> Change Tiberium Protection from 75% to 100%

3) Scanner Pack
-> Increase cost to $5,000 (to compensate for upgrade changes)
-> Increase weapon range by 20%
-> Apply also to Missile Squad, Disc Thrower and Zone Commando

4) Auto-Injector Pack
-> Increase cost to $5,000 (to compensate for upgrade changes)
-> Applies healing at all times (instead of only when remaining idle)
-> Apply also to Medic Squad and Zone Commando

5) Sub-Caliber Rounds
-> Increase cost to $5,000 (to compensate for upgrade changes)
-> Apply also to Zone Commando, Sniper Team, Riflemen Squad, Harvester, Orca Fighter (Minigun Turret) and Mammoth Walker (Machine Gun Undermounted Turret)

6) Railgun Upgrade
-> Increase cost to $5,000 (to compensate for upgrade changes)
-> Apply also to Zone Troopers and Mammoth Walker (Heavy Railguns AND AA Turret)

7) ECM Container
-> Increase cost to $5,000 (to compensate for upgrade changes)
-> Apply also to Kodiak, Falcon and Tempest MLRS

8) Shockwave EMP Warhead
-> Increase cost to $5,000 (to compensate for upgrade changes)
-> Apply also to Disc Thrower Squad, Juggernaut, Firehawk, Zone Commando (Grenade Special), and Mammoth Walker (Grenade Turret)

9) Advanced Firing Control
-> Increase cost to $5,000 (to compensate for upgrade changes)
-> Apply also to Outpost (Missile Pods), Rig (Missile Pods), Orca Fighter (Missiles), Kodiak (Both Ion Cannon and Missile Pods) and Mammoth Walker (Missile Pods)-> Optionally also apply to Mammoth Tank (Missile Pods)

10) Stratofighter Upgrade
-> Remove and replace with new ability for $2,500 called "Increased Payload"
-> Stratofighter comes standard now with Firehawks, just like it does with the Kodiak
-> Increased Payload = Increases Orca Fighter, Orca Bomber and Firehawks with +50% additional ammo.

-> Keep same cost of $1,000.
-> Increase squad size to 3 = 2 Snipers, 1 Spotter
-> Permanently stealthed unless detected. As they are unable to deal damage to vehicles and structures, this shouldn't be a problem. I tested this with an AI with -95% handicap and they still didn't do damage to Structures or Vehicles, so its quite safe to keep them like this.

2) Zone Trooper Squad
-> Increase cost to $1,500.
-> Increase health per Trooper by +25% (as they are wearing thick Power Armor)
-> Increase armor vs Anti-Infantry bullet weapons by 25% (as they are wearing thick Power Armor)
-> Increase armor vs Fire weapons by 75% (as they are wearing thick Power Armor) -> Allow them to garrison buildings

3) Engineer
-> Allow them to repair a garrisoned building back to full health. Does not work on structures with "Red" hitpoints, and only on structures garrisoned by your own units.

4) Medic Squad
-> Allow them to heal units near them. Currently they do not. Maybe bug?

5) Missile Squad
-> Increase build cost to $750
-> Increase squad size to 4. 6) APC
-> Allow them to carry 2 infantry squads.

6) APC
-> Allow them to carry 2 infantry squads.

7) Tempest MLRS
-> Increase movement speed to the same speed as the Falcon (this is to compensate for the loss of Reactive Armor)
-> Allow them to Bombard Targets (like the Juggernaut) by using Sniper Line of Sight.
-> Allow them to move at normal speed over water (like in Tiberium Sun)
-> This allows the Tempest MLRS to be a quick hit and run unit for GDI and is paired well with a Falcon.

8) Falcon
-> Allow them to move at normal speed over water.
-> This allows the Falcon to be a quick hit and run unit for GDI and is paired well with a Tempest MLRS.

9) Juggernaut
-> Allow them to leave a husk again.

10) Condor Transports
-> Allow them to carry 3 infantry squads. They are a fairly slow unit, and this will help to compensate for this. And as Condors lack weapons and have low health, they wouldn't make a great unit for attacking bases with either, but it would allow them to likely get to their intended destination alive.
-> Allow infantry to fire from inside.

11) Orca Fighters
-> Allow them to use their Minigun even when at 0 Missile Ammo (if at 0 Ammo then return to base instead of firing)

12) Kodiak
-> Remove Terraforming Torpedo Ability and Replace with an Optional Twin Minigun Undermounted Turret Upgrade (to help it deal with Rocket Infantry)

1) Orbital Shockwave Artillery
-> Allow the player to use it on an area even if the area is covered by the Fog of War (like the Ion Cannon)
-> Reasoning: The Ion Cannon is an orbital weapon and can do it, so it would make sense that since Shockwave Artillery is orbital as well, the same principle would apply.

2) Drop Pod Support
-> Give two types: Zone Troopers or Support Squad
-> Zone Troopers deploys 3 (instead of current 2) Zone Trooper Squads at LV 1 Veterancy
-> Support Squad deploys 3 Medic Teams at LV 3 Veterancy (so that they have self-healing)
-> Allow the player to use it on an area even if the area is covered by the Fog of War (like the Ion Cannon)

3) Veterancy Support
-> Allow it to affect Infantry, Vehicles, and Aircraft if they are at the Helipad
-> Does not work on Kodiak, MCV, Surveyor, Harvester or Mammoth Walker

4) Bloodhound Support
-> It now deploys 2 Falcons and 2 Tempest MLRS onto the field

1) Wolverine
-> This unit has not changed at all since Tibierum Sun. You would think that it would have seen some kind of improvement to offset its glaring weaknesses in TibSun.
-> A possible way to make it better is to give it some way of clearing a garrisoned building. Perhaps a grenade launcher? Alternatively allow it to also fire at air units with its miniguns. Or possibly give it a Mortar Cannon from the Pitbull in Tiberium Wars for long-ranged support.

2) Titan
-> This unit has not changed at all since Tiberium Sun. You would think that it would have seen some kind of improvement to offset its glaring weaknesses in TibSun. The titan was an imposing unit that was very vulnerable to infantry and aircraft. I would think that GDI would have addressed one or both of its weaknesses if they intended to continue to use the unit.
-> This unit could use either: 1) A minigun, to fight off infantry, 2) A missile launcher, to fight off aircraft, or 3) Storage Space for a single Infantry Squad that can fire from inside.

3) APC
-> I'm not entirely sure why the APC has remained as a downgraded unit in Tiberium Essence. In TibSun, it was amphibious allowing it to cross water and was a fairly fast unit; in fact it was one of the fastest ground units in the game. The APC is an unwieldy unit and could use some serious upgrades.
-> Either allow it to carry 2 additional squads of infantry that can all fire from it (to make up for its lack of speed, maneuverability, health, and ease of movement), or possibly only have a single squad of infantry but replace the wheels with a Hover Drive and greatly increase its speed, or possibly allow it to become an amphibious vehicle again but carry 1 additional squad.
-> If its drive train was refitted with a Hover Drive, then it could go with Falcons and Tempest MLRS in a quick hit and run group covering anti-structure, anti-vehicle, anti-infantry and anti-aircraft.

4) Tempest MLRS
-> This is an oddball unit. Likely its predecessor was the Hover MLRS, though in function doesn't act anything like it. The Hover MLRS was one of the fastest and most agile units in the game. True the Tempest MLRS has a larger salvo of missiles, but the Hover MLRS would likely have survived longer in firefights due to its maneuverability and its ability to fire again very quickly.
-> The Tempest MLRS would best served by increasing its speed back up to the Hover MLRS, and Reducing its salvo size but increasing its Rate of Fire.

5) Disruptor
-> I am surprised that the GDI never considered putting a Hover Drive on their Disruptor Tanks. A powerful unit sure, but incredibly slow and easy pickings for aircraft. Maybe give it a Hover Drive?

6) Juggernaut
-> It would be great if it could be told to deploy and remain deployed until you told it to un-deploy.
-> Possibly even give it room to store 1 squad of infantry like the Behemoth in Kane's Wrath.

Comments and criticisms welcome. I would like to know what the community thinks of these things. Trolling is not necessary :)

Additional suggestions: These suggestions would likely involve cosmetic changes.
-> I'll likely create a tech tree so that you can see the requirements of these upgrades.

-> Create a research option to Allow GDI Bunkers (created by GDI Infantry) to hold 3 Infantry Squads
-> Create a research option to add a Machine Gun Turret to some units (effective vs Infantry). Units affected: Tempest MLRS, Falcon, Juggernaut, and Battle Base
-> Create a research option to add Power Armor (Power Packs and Self-Injectors will work on them) to Infantry (full immunity to Tiberium). Units affected: GDI Infantry, GDI Disc Throwers, and GDI Medics.
-> Create a research option to add Flame Resistant Power Armor that reduces fire damage to Power Armor, units affected: GDI Infantry, GDI Disc Throwers, GDI Medics, GDI Commando, GDI Zone Trooper and GDI Jumpjet Trooper.
-> Create a research option to add Afterburners to give a burst of speed to specific aircraft: Orca Fighter, Orca Bomber, Firehawk and Kodiak.
-> Create a research option to add Armor Piercing Bullets to specific units to increase damage to structures and vehicles: Sniper Team, Orca Fighter, and Mammoth Walker MK 2
-> Create a research option to upgrade Missile Pod Size by 25%, and thus increases shots fired by 1 or 2 for any units affected: Outpost, Battle Base, Mammoth Tank, Mammoth Walker MK 2, Tempest MLRS, and Kodiak.
-> Create a research option to upgrade Railguns to Auto-Railguns which increase rate of fire by 50% for any units affected: AA Railgun Turret, Zone-Troopers, Mammoth Tank, Titan, and Mammoth Walker MK 2 (main railguns and AA railguns) [unless I missed a unit that has railguns after the upgrade]
-> Create a research option to do a full Drive Train Refit on several vehicles: Tempest MLRS (Increases speed), Disruptor (Treds replaced with hover drive), APC (wheels replaced with Hover Drive), and Mammoth Tank (Treds replaced with Hover Drive)
-> Create a research option called Grenade Launchers: GDI Infantry can fire an undermounted grenade launcher to clear structures as an activatable ability and GDI Disc Throwers have 50% increased range with their Grenades, and can still clear structures.
-> Create a research option Hunker Down that causes specific walker units to take a fixed position that increases overall health, but prevents them from moving; ideal for guard positions; affects: Titan, Juggernaut, and Mammoth Walker MK 2.
-> Create a research option Reinforced Ceramic Armor that increases the health of specific units: GDI Missile Squad, Sniper Team, Engineer, Orca Fighter and Firehawk.
-> Create a research option Advanced Power Armor, that increases the health by +100% for specific units: GDI Commando and Zone Troopers.

All for now.

Ideas for new GDI Units:

1) Armadillo
-> Weaponless vehicle
-> Slow moving infantry transport vehicle
-> Allows up to 3 infantry squads to catch a ride BUT, they cannot fire from inside.
-> Heavily armored and high health
-> Can Deploy gaining 50% more health, but is immobile and basically acts as a Mobile Bunker for Infantry; Once deployed, all three infantry squads can fire from within, and as a deployed structure can then be repaired by the Commander. Cannot undeploy however, so once you deploy it, it stays where it is. If the vehicle is destroyed before it reaches its intended destination all units are lost (unlike that one unit in Kane's Wrath that auto-deploys on death).
-> If used carefully, can be a very powerful strategic unit for a Commander.

2) Orca Interceptor
-> An armored air-superiority fighter for the GDI. In a pitched battle with a Banshee, the ASF will survive to tell the tale.
-> Has twin railguns that it fires against aerial targets that deal heavy damage, and can even almost destroy a Venom in one hit.
-> It lacks ground weapons, so it is specific to aerial attackers.
-> It is the aircraft designed for hunting down NOD Banshees and Scrin Capital Ships and only aerial targets.
-> It has 6 rounds of ammunition and hits it's targets instantly.
-> Its only benefit to the player is to quickly dispatch any aerial target; cannot hit anything else, and a pack of them can easily take down a Kodiak or the Scrin Mothership.

3) Firestorm Wall
-> Consumes energy per wall section, so only useful for players with a large energy supply and cannot be disabled power wise.
-> Requires a Firestorm Generator
-> Is always active; if your power however goes below necessary green power, all sections immediately de-activate. Once you have power back online, it takes 5 seconds for the sections to reactivate; while powering up however, they still consume power even though there aren't active.
-> A single EMP or well-chosen location near a power plant for a Devil's Tongue could disable the entire grid.
-> Any aircraft flying over it except for Stratofighter Boosting units is destroyed on impact with the Firestorm Wall.
-> This kind of defense would give GDI a specific defense against both NOD and Scrin. Likely though the player would want to build a gate to let their own units out of the firestorm wall grid, so its unlikely to be an impenetrable defense.

4) Mammoth Triple Tank
-> Give a resized MARV Triple Sonic RPG Turret for the Mammoth Tank as its only weapon (no missile pods)
-> This would be a great siege-based unit for attacking heavy ground units only, and would benefit from the EMP upgrade as well.

5) Ion Artillery Battery
-> An expensive and experimental defensive unit; can only build one and can only hit ground targets.
-> It fires a single Ion Cannon Beam at a long-range dealing damage to everything caught in the Beam's path, friend or foe alike. Deals about 1/5 the Ion Cannon Superpower in damage to all targets caught along the beam's path.
-> Has a long-cooldown and requires a lot of energy to power the Ion Cannon
-> Manual targetting only; it will not automatically attack.

6) Zone Rocketeers
-> Combine the Missile Weapons of GDI Missile Squad with the Zone Trooper
-> These guys are not as powerful against vehicles and structures, but can hit aircraft and can fire their weapons faster than Zone Troopers can.
-> Basically GDI Missile Squad with Power Armor, and all 4 members using Missile Launchers, instead of railguns.
-> Comes in a group of 4 Rocketeers.
-> Has a jetpack jump ability
-> Best paired with Zone Troopers

7) Zone Snipers
-> Combine the heavy power armor of Zone Troopers with the Hi-Powered Anti-Infantry rifles of the Sniper Team
-> Far less effective against vehicles and structures, but is deadly against Infantry and is immune to Tiberium
-> Comes in groups of 4 Zone Snipers.
-> Best paired with Zone Troopers
-> Has a jetpack jump ability.

8) Bulldog
-> This unit is basically a smaller and cheaper version of the Mammoth Walker MK 2
-> Its armaments are Two Mammoth Tank Sized-Railguns, a Chin-Mounted Double Machine Gun Turret and an Anti-Air Railgun Turret
-> It is built at an Orbital Deployment Center
-> Has less health than Mammoth Walker MK2 and no self-repair ability.

9) Advanced Fusion Reactor
-> This structure utilizes advanced methods from utilizing Firestorm Walls and Ion Cannons to produce a stable Nuclear Fusion reaction.
-> It provides a massive amount of energy.
-> However, if destroyed, it unleashes a nuclear explosion, so be careful where you build it.

10) Territory Scanner Post
-> This structure provides a very large area to build additional structures around it, the equivalent of 1.25x the area produced by a Tiberium Refinery.
-> Useful for base commanders in placing defenses farther from the base or placing certain structures farther away from other structures.

Edited by: Palanduss

Jan 12 2015 Anchor

Fusion reactors for the titan and colsus also the colosu needs the indicators for the sub caliber rounds

Apr 12 2015 Anchor

Your fairly extensive experience should tell you that all your suggestion are utterly invalid and are all in utterly wrong mindset.Some suggestions are not bad, but overally its one big pile of smashing ignorance what TE makes a TE.

Dec 13 2015 Anchor

Well, I would also like to make some suggestions about GDI,

-I think there should be an option to get Tacitus Archive units at least for skirmish matches

-Zone troopers should be able to fire at air units

-Most railgun related units (Mammoth, Titan, Zone troopers, etc) fire haphazardly at moving infantry but unless force-fired insta-kills them, is this an unwanted side effect or meant to be this way?

Please let me know what you think :)

Jul 2 2016 Anchor

Oaks is right, these suggestions have no right to exist in the mod... There is little to no balance at all as it is now; if it was done the way You describe it the game balance would just go fuck itself and game would be unplayable...

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