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Dec 24 2010 Anchor

Story: After the breakup of nod after the firestorm crisis GDI began the methodical slaughter of nod splinter factions all over the world hundreds of gdi bases were established & armoured coloums were actively looking for Nod forces to destroy suffering mant attacks from GDI & Splinter factions , Marcion the leader of the blackhand comissioned a new
flame tank tank to protect them selfs & thus the new flame tank was born superior to the devils tongue in every way allowing Black hand forces to secure control over their territory.

Having no burrowing drills the blackhand added heavy armour to the flame tank allowing it to shrug off most bullets & even rockets to get close enough to roast its enmies after the introduction of the new generation Devils tongue the advanced flame fell into disuse although many nod factions still use them to a great extent, however the majority were left abandoned or scrapped


The Black Hand has deployed the new tank far and wide, often upgraded with their exclusive purifying flame technology and with superior training, often up to the veteran level.
The Flame Tank's first use was with the Black Hand, as part of Brother Marcion's guards as well as routing several Nod splinter factions from the blackhands territory. Following the reabsorption of the Black Hand into the Brotherhood, the Flame Tank has seen service in every battle since up towards the mid tiberium war .

Forgotten use:
it is unknown how the mutants got their hands on the advanced flame tanks all that is known is that they have them in great number. the forgotten have also upgraded the flame tank greatly by adding
-grinder treads to increase speed & grip
-Much heavier armour ( especially around the exposed fuel tanks) usually junk parks which affords the tank better protection
-extented nozzles which increases the range of the flame tank
-dozer blade scavenged from scorpion MK1's the dozer blade makes the tank resistant to mines
-Blue tiberium fuel greatly increases damage (heroric)
-Liquid tiberium fuel upgrade an optional upgrade ($3000) which makes the tank deal 3 times the damage but also damages the tank it self over time

commanders should try to hire these flame tanks in thier service to have an excellent structure destroying tank when nothing else is avialable

Dec 24 2010 Anchor

No thanks.

Dec 24 2010 Anchor

too bad its going to be in there

Jan 6 2011 Anchor

For me it´s not a good idea.

Jan 7 2011 Anchor

it should still be apart of the story due to advanced flame tanks still appearing in the motor pool mission of GDI

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