A monarchy is a form of government in which supreme power is absolutely or nominally lodged in an individual, who is the head of state, often for life or until abdication. A monarch is chosen by god to uphold the highest ideals for humanity, nominally it referred to as the doctrine of the divine right of kings. With the church and state (or the spiritual and warrior caste) co-existing or sometimes opposing each other. Those who serve the monarch perceive the world from a spiritual perspective, and reject a purely materialist interpretation. Godless intellectuals rationalize actions based on self-interest & baser instincts like egotism and vanity, which at best serve utilitarianism rather than higher ideals that impose duties, responsibilities, enlighten, guide, unite and restrain parasitical and deviant behaviors. This group is for those interested in Theocracy & the transformation society underwent in the Enlightenment. Neoreactionaries are most welcome.

The most common form of monarchy is Absolute Monarchy during the 14th century onwards and in Eastern societies like Persia & Egypt. Prior to this the Early and High Middle Ages where concilliar elected/hereditary monarchy's or oligarchy under feudalism. The Grand lords had the exclusive right to raise taxes or army's.

This began to change between Philippe II and Philippe IV:

1- Nobles where disallowed from forming private armies. The Templars in particular would not be able to use their banking system to extort money from pilgrims.
2- The subjects were allowed to protest against a landlords decision by appealing to the King's Justice.
3- The Pope lost most of his power, including the ability to protect the Templars.
4- France's unity and national identity developed greatly so as to create the modern conception of nationality and statehood. Essentially Absolute Monarchy's removed anti-sovereign rule by foreign powers which was the Church led by a Pope in this case (which led to Lords of Potiou to lead a insurrection against Loiu IX).
5- Allowed the Monarch to stamp out corruption effectively within the political system, since all nobles now had to answer to one supreme authority that is a Absolute Monarch.

Under constitutional Monarchy, the King or Queen is able to remove the prime minister or regent from power by royal prerogative or decree if he ever tries to overturn the electoral system or constitution but their role as monarch becomes mostly symbolic & it eventually becomes rule by capitalist oligarchy's.

While these where clearly advantages, the disadvantage became that the Absolute Monarch had power to execute anyone for any reason which made it significantly more risky to have a mentally unfit or unstable king. Other reasons is that maintaining the land of Monarchy's is costly and they are not subject to taxes, instead only commoners have to pay land taxes.


Anglo-Saxon rune poem allows us to deduce the Druid runes. The Druid runes are connected to Patristic Exegesis, and hold four levels of meaning. They are recipe for kingship: Behind the literal letter of the runes, there are tropological symbols of life, that mirror the allegory of year's cycle into an anagoge of legislative principles.


Monarchism is really about Chivalry and Imperialism, secondly it is about early Christianity, thirdly a Latin language and its about the laws of nature. Currents of Italian Syndicalism Before 1926 by Carl Levy, 'Pleasure' by Gabriele D'Annunzio, I Claudius, The Ides: Caesar's Murder and the War for Rome by Stephen Dando-Collins, Julius Caesar: The Pursuit of Power by Bradford, Germany From Napoleon to Bismark by Nipperdey, The First World War by Strachan & Germany Tomorrow by Otto Straser, and Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira and Strangers Within the Realm: Cultural Margins of the First British Empire by Bernard Bailyn

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I wish this group had more members. :(

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I've recommended several books in the description.

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