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What makes a good game? You decide! It could be one of many things. There's no such thing as a wrong answer here!

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What makes a good game?  There is no true right or wrong answer to that question, since it could be so many things.

It could be a huge commercial success, like Halo 3 or Assasin's Creed.

It could be a pioneer of it's genre, like Super Mario Bros. or Doom.

It could improve the quality of gameplay in it's genre, like Half-Life.

It could be very artistic and completely unique, like Okami.

It could be a missed gem that deserved more.

It could be known for it's mods, like Half-Life 2


So, what do you think makes a truly good game? 



Hmmm. Well for me what makes a good game is really a mixture of a good solid storyline with decent enough gameplay. One of my favourite games is the first Knights of the Old Republic. It had this storyline which you could believe in. You got the sense that the developers had really thought about the storyline, and that they had written an extensive background to it.

Comercial success is great for a game, but it doesn't mean that it is a good game. Just that it had great advertising.

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In my opinion... A good game need to be a "Bang" like the Wolf3d or Doom, because they make a change in the history of the games.

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Henley Staff

well i honestly feel a great game is one that give the player feel the need to do something for other players. HL2 i felt did no do this for me, if you can make people feel emotion for the game, love, hate, embarrassment then you have a good game, who here has ever felt something for a main character in a movie or a book? If you have it means you have connected with that said character. The only games i felt this from was Mafia 1, COD4, KOTOR2.

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I completely agree, except Half Life 2 did do this for me, in a very strong way.

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