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Advanced Walker: Artillery (AW-A)
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OOC: Article is far too frustrating to edit, keep on getting loads of copies and HTML just gets all messed up, spent about an hour trying. Oh well xD.

The AW-A is the replacement for the AT-AP, providing much better artillery support. Two main versions exist: AW-IA and AW-DA.

The AW-IA stands for Advanced Walker: Indirect Artillery. This version is equipped with a large mortar cannon, designed to lob heavy shells of various sorts onto enemy positions from long range. It fills the role of classic artillery.

The AW-DA stands for Advanced Walker: Direct Artillery. This version is equipped with a large dual heavy laser cannon, both twin linked. It is used as a large Anti-Tank gun, and able to destroy most vehicles that have the misfortune to enter into its sights. It can also serve as AA of sorts, if the target is big enough.

Both versions have "feet" that can dig into the ground, allowing for more stable fire, a mounted blaster cannon for light defense and a heavy hull. Their legs allow them to pass most terrain, though due to the weight of their armament they are rather slow.

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