We are the inheritors of the galaxy and loyal servants to the Emperor. Born from chaos and war, the Empire is the beacon of light in the dark and shelters all. We are order through law, we are security through courage, we are justice through honor and we will reign a thousand years. We are the sons of the Galactic Empire.

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Imperial Walker
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Ori`verda Author

I like this walker. It's defences are insurmountable and has enough firepower to wipe out anything directly in front of it.

But damn, those blind spots are enormous. All you need to do is go around it. GG WP.

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The original AT-big walker. The AT-M6 has nothing on this one.

By Radojavor
Some Star Wars Inspired picture after very long time. When I was reading very good technical website about the starwars, I've found picture of the leg and small comment of one amazing machine. This Is my vision of superheavy Imperial battle walker.
My intention was make a new design of a huge war machine, of course somehow similar to AT-AT. So I didnt have much space for experiments.
This walker much bigger than his older brother about twice in height. The desingis using some elements from the battleships of the Empire. Weapons: one turbolaser, eight heavy lasers and many heavy blaster cannons. The picture captures flawless crushign of the rebels defence positions on some cold planet (not Hoth:)). Rebellion have no weapons that can harm this machine.

The walker is based on simple 3d model(done in 1hour). The rest is playing with many layers in photoshop. the small at-st and some planes done form the reference. Picture was done half on cintiq tablet, the rest Intuos3. Time about 25-30 hours, just 2 hours a day after work.

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