Ok this is a group who realizes that tharnis is corrupt and a idiot and is loyal to the original emperor who leads fairly. We have all but tharnis and his men of the new empire

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ok we have 6 planets that have made up our planets pretty much. This is resonable since we have very little

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Sizzle: The capital planet of our empire.

Space defense: 5 sizzle cruisers, 5 star destroyers, 10 CR90 corvetts, compliment fighters and bombers (X-wings and Y-wings), Med Tech, a golan lll station.

Land defense: 1000 sizzle soldiers, 30 sizzle tanks, 5 At-at's, The Imperial Cult

Nethia: Our main shipyard planet.

Space Defense: 10 star destroyers, 10 CR90 corvetts, 10 carrack cruisers, compliment fighters and bombers (X-wings @ Y-wings), Huge Orbital shipyard, 2 golan ll's.

Land defense: 2000 Nethian Drafted troops, 25 sizzle tanks, 5 At-st's

Rugnuh: A distant planet in our territory, Rugnuh has a small population and has little value

Space defense: 1 star destroyer, 5 carrack cruisers, 5 Dp20 corvetts, 2 dreadnaught class heavy cruisers, 1 golan l station, lvl 1 space station

Land defense: 100 TNEL soldiers, 1 At-at, 2 At-st's

Rendilli: Our only planet that is not in the unknown regions, Rendilli was ravaged in the Yuuzhan Vong war but recently has had some restoration

Space defense: 2 Dreadnaught heavy cruisers, 3 star destroyers, 1 assassin corvetts, 2 carrack cruisers, 5 sizzle cruisers mk2 1 golan lll station, lvl 4 space station, trade port, security checkpoint

Land defense: 100 clone troopers, 1000 TNEL soldiers, 700 sizzle soldiers, 10 sizzle tanks, 5 At-at's, 10 At-st's

Omrgytu: Our banking planet. This planet gets it's income from it's mineral rich astroids

Space defense: 10 cargo venators (credit shiping), 10 star destroyers, 10 assassin corvetts, lvl 3 space station, 2 Golan l stations

Land defense: 1000 TNEL soldiers, 5 sizzle tanks, 10 MTT"s, 8 At-at's

Ghtyrsa: A planet with the right raw materials to make clones, though it has though resources, it is in small quantity

Space defense: 20 Acclanamators, 10 Venators, lvl 5 space station, 1 golan lll station, resource center

Land defense: 1000 clone troopers, 20 At-te's

Overthrfa: A planet with to many people, Overthrfa supplies us the men and women we need for TNEL soldiers

Space defense: lvl 2 space station, 1 Golan l station, 2 star destroyers

Land defense: 2000 TNEL soldiers

note all planets have fighter compliments from the ships and the stations


Not bad for a remenant force though I suggest that you do not mess with the hapes consortium. Though we shall be allies

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Johnyboy1{S1TH} Author

maybe we should make a alliance

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hmm well rendili will fall

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Johnyboy1{S1TH} Author

we shall see

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